My girlfriend is getting into my nerves.


I have a Korean girlfriend whom I met in an international dating blog. I got problems with her in terms of being romantic. Don’t get me wrong; I love her. I like the way she is. I like it when she’s being sweet to me. It’s just that she’s too much. She is into couple shirts, couple rings, couple shoes and a lot more. I’m not into that. It’s fine with me though but not to the extent that we almost look stupid. I find it extremely childish. I hate it everytime she asks me to wear this and that. If I won’t do what she wants, she will stop talking to me the whole day. She’s getting into my nerves. Everytime I tell her about how I feel with those stuff, she will get mad. What should I do with her? Help!


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  • Patricia

    You need to let her know these things really bother you. First you should reassure her you love her and appreciate the things she does but there are also things that are a bit too much for you. Try to always be calm when telling her these things. Being angry about it won’t solve anything. Be calm but be decisive – tell her things need to change right away. And insist on this until she gets it. If she doesn’t try doing what she does – stop talking with her for a day.

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