Are Mexican women loyal enough to commit?


I am really attracted to a Mexican woman I get acquainted with during a new years party dating service. Her alluring beauty never fails to make my heart beat faster everytime our eyes meet. She’s nice to me. She seems to like me too, though. But I am confused if I should give this feeling a chance. Mexican women are party goers and not delicate but I think she’s more than what meets the eye. I’m just not sure if she is into serious relationships. If we’re not in the same track, then it would be a problem. I don’t want to be cheated on; nobody does. I wonder if they are loyal enough when they commit. Your ideas will be a great help.


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  • Patricia

    It’s a mistake to judge a whole country based on hearsay. People are people no matter their race and nationality: some are party goers, some are not. Just get to know her and see how SHE is and stop asking yourself what if. She might turn out to be much better than you’ve imagined and that’s awesome and if not, what do you have to lose?

  • attracted18
    Thanks @patricia for the insights. 
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