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I have been in a relationship with Alex for the last seven months. He is a nice guy and the only issue with him was he couldn't behave himself when drunk. I came to know this in the 2nd month itself. But, I couldn't leave him as he was such a loving and caring person.

But, later I realized the danger behind his violent nature. One day when he was drunk, he started harassing me, both emotionally and physically. He slapped me, threw things at me and did whatever he could. Then I decided to leave him, and we were not having any communication for the last two months.

Now, I came to know someone has filed a criminal assault against him. They have charged an attempt of robbery too. But I can't believe this. He will never do such a crime. I want to save him and need your help to find the best lawyer for him.

I came across a criminal defense lawyer in Toronto. But, I would like to know your suggestions before consulting them.

Reply awaited. Thanks in advance.


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  • Patricia

    I don’t really know how to help you, Anna. I think you should definitely talk to a lawyer and see what you can do. If he has been charged with such a thing then they surely have some proof so be careful what you get yourself into. Also, you said “He will never do such a crime” – unfortunately there’s no way for you to know that for sure. You probably didn’t think he would get physically violent with you and he did.

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