What can I do if my girlfriend keeps listening to the lies of her friend?


My girlfriend has a so called “friend” that keeps lying to her. She keeps telling her that I’m not right for her and that I’m surely screwing around her back which I’m not. Maybe she’s jealous of what we have or I don’t know what, but I feel she could eventually make my girlfriend dump me. What can I do?


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  • Ted

    I would talk to my girlfriend and tell her nothing is true and that this needs to stop somehow. I would tell her (and show her) how much she means to me and also even have a word with this friend of hers. I would ask why she is lying like this. If she really loves her friend why wouldn’t she want her to be happy? I wouldn’t attack her verbally but I would turn the weapons against her and ask her why she’s doesn’t like me and why she keeps hurting her friend.

  • Robert

    If your girlfriend loves you and it’s meant to be, she won’t listen to her friend. Or she will listen but trust you. If she doesn’t trust you then it’s not going to work no matter what you do. Make her feel loved, appreciated, respected and cherished and everything will go away on its own. 

  • Kevin

    These lies can add up and you can lose her. You need to do something now. Like other have already said, try to make your girlfriend feel the love. Kiss her, get her flowers, send her messages, show her you care deeply about her. Be transparent and also talk to her and tell her these lies bother you a lot. Ask her how to prove you are faithful. 

  • Alexia

    She should be able to judge things by herself and realize if her friend is lying. If you are in love, she should place your relationship above her friendship. I’m not saying she should just not talk to her friend anymore, but she should take everything with a grain of salt. I would definitely talk to her and tell her these rumors are very bothering, untrue and hurting both you personally and you as a couple. 

  • Tina

    How long have you been together? Does she love you? We need more details about this to be able to give you better advice. The more you can share the better. Right now, all I can say is that you need to talk to her. She must realize that this is not ok for both of you and it has to stop. It’s one thing to be a good friend and look out for her and another thing to lie to her because who knows why. 

  • Andy

    Thank you to everyone who has shared the opinion here. I appreciate the help. We’ve been together for the past 2 years and yes, we’re in love. She loves me but she also loves her friend (been friends for 10 years) and I’m afraid she will eventually start trusting her more than me. I just don’t want to lose her because of lies. I will try talking to her and showing her she means the world to me. 

  • Tina

    Yes, do that. Show her your love and also talk to her. Deal with this together, as a couple. Never, ever put her in a position to choose between you and someone else. If she really loves you, she’ll find another way to deal with this. Just communicate with her and try to debunk every lie her friend has told her. 

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