Do Peru ladies and guys eat guinea pigs?


I just learned now that Peru ladies and guys roast guinea pigs. I know this dish is a delicacy but I’m not so sure if I can stomach this. I’ll be staying over at my Peruvian friend’s place for a few days since my parents will be away for the weekend. I’m scared that they’ll have that dish for a meal over the days I’ll stay with them. Can someone tell me how it tastes like just so I can mentally prepare myself?


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  • Patricia

    I wouldn't eat anything that could potentially make me vomit. I'm serious. You shouldn't force it if you can't stomach it. Maybe have a little bite to see how it tastes but warn them that you never ate something like this and it might make you vomit. Better to say it beforehand.

  • handsome456
    How do I talk it out...? Would it be rude?  :|
  • me2

    First try to talk with your friend and tell him you just have never eaten guinea pigs and that the thought of it makes you feel sick. Tell him you don’t want to be disrespectful at all but you might end up vomiting and then see what he says. He may have a solution for this. Maybe you can eat something else and if you feel like you can do it, taste a little guinea pig if they cook this.

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