How to tame a Mexican girlfriend?

My girlfriend is a Mexican and she is so rebellious. Her jealousy is at the nth level. One time, she saw me at a coffee shop with a friend I met on a foreign socials. We just saw each other there. I just dropped off to buy a coffee while I’m on my way home. Little did I know, my girlfriend was at the same coffee shop with her friends. While I was talking to this not-so-close friend of mine, my girlfriend suddenly appeared behind me and started talking nonsense. We were actually doing nothing but my girlfriend thought I cheated on her. She had done this many times. I felt ashamed with my friend and the people inside the coffee shop. I really don’t know what to do with her. I love her but she’s quite nagger. How should I tame her?


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  • Patricia

    You probably won’t be able to “tame” her because that’s the way she is and this was probably one of the things that attracted you to her in the first place. You need to reassure her that you aren’t cheating and that she needs to trust you for this to work. Ask her what she needs to feel safe and not think you are cheating and go on from there. At first, she may have some unrealistic requests but don’t despair, just take it step by step and build trust with her so things get better.


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