My foreign stepmom is a shopaholic.


When I was fifteen, my Dad got remarried with a foreign woman she met during wife tours. She seemed fine so I agreed with the idea. Little did I know, she has been hiding a backbone in her closet the whole time. I have witnessed my Dad striving hard so he can give me, my brother and my stepmom a better life. And here comes my stepmom, spending every dollar she can, without considering my Dad’s hard work. She has become shopaholic. She has been buying useless stuffs. I really thought she’s mom-material, but she’s not. One time, I heard her arguing with my Dad because of money. My Dad stopped giving her money for that reason and she was making a fuss about it. She’s giving my Dad hard time. I really don’t like her. What should I do with her?


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  • Fiona

    Being a shopaholic is not a joke and many people have serious problems because of this. I think you shouldn’t hate her for feeling this way, but rather try to help her. Maybe seek professional help and this behavior can have very deep roots that most of us can’t even understand. She might be an amazing women that now has a problem – you should be there to support her, not to hate her.

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