Looking for a shenyang woman to date with

I have been thinking of dating Shenyang woman for weeks now. When I paid a visit there a month ago, I realized women from China are amazing, especially Shenyang women. Most foreigners who marry Chinese women are living a happy life. I bet I could be one of them too. Who wouldn’t want to have a happy life in marriage, anyway? But I’m wondering if they can easily adapt to cultural differences? Or should I be worried about it? You know, most couples usually don’t work because of that.


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  • Ted
    So you want to live there, in China? If that is the case then you need to do some serious research on this country and its cultural background. You’ll need to spend a good chunk of time to figure this out as the Chinese people are quite different than the rest of us. Knowing what would offend them, make them happy and so on is of utmost importance. fdsf
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