What's the best gift for my Filipina date? Any suggestions?

I have been into the dating scene for 7 months and since there's an upcoming Philippine wife tours, I am more than eager to join. I can’t wait to see the love of my life, the one whom I’ve communicated with for a while. She’s really amazing and I don’t want that impression to remain virtual. Since I’m on my way of meeting her in person, I am really wondering what kind of gift I’m going to give her. Are Philippine women fond of jewelries? Any suggestion?


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  • Patricia

    All women like jewelry. Also, if you talked to this woman for 7 months you should know a bit about what she likes and what she doesn’t. Every woman has different likes and if you get her a gift she personally would enjoy that will score you more points because it shows you listen. I would get her jewelry and something else she said she likes.

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