My Dad wants me to date women from USA.


Since I am not getting any younger, my Dad’s always been nagging me about dating US women. He even asked me to sign up to Latin America singles club just to get one. I told him I am not interested with those women but he just fired me back with lengthy speeches. It’s driving me crazy. I am more likely interested with Thai ladies but my Dad strongly objected. My Mom’s a Thai and she cheated on him.  He still loves her, though. Dad doesn’t want the same thing to happen to me. I also told him all Thais are not the same but he has been so close-minded since then. He’s quite stereotyping. How can I convince him to stop that? 


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  • madrobot

    It’s very difficult to convince someone that has been hurt. I think you should actually stop trying and just do what you feel works best for you. He might be angry and upset at first but with time, after he sees that you are happy, he will understand and start being ok with it. I wouldn’t allow anyone else to tell me who to date and what to do. This is my choice.

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