Do Kiev ladies appreciate it when men buy them drinks?


I’ve never tried picking a girl up in a club before so might as well learn how to now. I’m currently in Odessa, Ukraine for vacation and in a few days, I’ll be heading to Kiev and travel around before heading back home. Since my arrival, all I’ve been doing is backpacking around and doing what tourists usually do. Sightseeing, talking to locals, and so on.

On my last week in Kiev, I want to try stepping out of my comfort zone for once in my life and try picking a girl up from a bar or someplace. Can someone who’s been to Kiev give me some tips on how to have a good time with some Kiev ladies around the area? I’m not sure how they are like or what I can do to at least befriend a few. Should I offer to buy them drinks? Ask them for a dance? Or even just add them on social media first? Help me out please!

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