Been battling with this toxic relationship. Need help!


I arrived here in the US 5 years ago. I got married to an old American man whom I met online. I was part of this site where you can get yourself an online bride and yes, I am one of those online brides. We talked online and eventually met while he was on one of those tours conducted to meet their supposed-to-be bride. He eventually asked me for marriage and seeing that he was good enough for a husband, I agreed. However, as marriage life drags on, he slowly became violent towards me both physically and mentally. He told me that I am only a woman he bought online to be his slave. The thing is, I have already invested so much into this relationship ---- love, time and effort. He never came to notice it. I have come to love him throughout these years and now, I don’t know what to do.


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  • me2
    You are no one's slave. If he doesn't treat you like a human being you shouldn't even stay with this man. I can understand that you've grown accustomed to him but that doesn't mean he can do anything he likes. I think you should even consider calling the cops and figure out what you will do after you break up with him - if that ends up happening. I wouldn't wait another minute and find a way to leave him but I'm not you and you need to think about this. 
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