Are there many single women in Thailand? Viewing my options.


I’m gonna try to make this as lowkey but are there alot of single women in Thailand? I’ll be heading there for my cousin's wedding in a few months and I honestly don’t have a plus one to bring with me. I don’t want to show up alone for a few reasons. Being one, I don’t really know anyone personally in my family. And two, my parents are very condescending when it comes to my lovelife. I’ll be heading to Thailand a few weeks earlier from the wedding to search for some single women I can try dating and (hopefully) ask to become my plus one. But I’m not very aware of the dating scene there. Are the women open to dating? Are there single women around I can ask for a decent date? Nothing under the sheets related. Thanks!


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  • Andy

    There are plenty of women in Thailand that would like a foreigner as a date so don’t worry. Just hit the clubs (preferably with someone who knows the language) and you’ll surely score. If you’ll be there a few weeks earlier then you’ll have plenty of time to find a woman that will want to go to the wedding with you. Which city will you be heading to?

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