My Dad is probably cheating on my Mom.


I have been dealing with this paranoia for quite a long time. Two weeks ago, I saw my father in a new year's dating service I attended to. Though he didn’t see me at all, I saw him clearly. He was enjoying chatting women with my age. At first, I thought the body figure was just familiar. Little did I know I would see my father there--- a married man with a gorgeous wife. I didn’t want to think he’s cheating with my mom but what could have it been? I did not bother ask him why because it might lose my temper. I honestly want to ask him why but I’m afraid my Mom would know about it. I don’t want her to get hurt but she deserves to know. How should I tell her? Help!


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  • Patricia

    It’s possible he cheated on your mom, but what if he didn’t? You should write down what you want to say to him and hide the note for 2 days. Return to it and read it again and see if you feel the same. You probably won’t feel the same. I recommend you adjust some words and your tone and ask him in a more relaxed and calm way. Ask him what happened and then be quiet and listen. If he did cheat what will your reaction be? Think about this before asking him.

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