Heard foreign women seeking men at red-light district


My friends and I had to pass by this red-light district area and we saw a bunch of foreign women seeking men. We literally heard them asking where the male clubs are in and we’re pretty sure they were referring to those bars where naked male dancers entertain them. In our country, it’s frowned upon when women are seeking for these things. However, these were foreign women so we were not that surprised. Still, it sounded so weird. Is this really common in Europe? I’m pretty sure they were European. Just curious.


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  • tj1

    Just like men can go and see naked women why couldn’t women do the same? I like countries that are open minded about these sorts of things. It just makes sense that women should have the same rights as we men. This is the case in some European countries and not just that. I think that in 10 years this will be the case in most places in the world.

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