My dad is addicted to joining Latin America Singles club


My dad and my mom have been separated for several years now. After their separation, my dad lived with me and he grew fond of fishing. He actually got addicted to it for a while. Lately, he has gotten himself addicted to another hobby which is joining latin america singles clubs. What annoys me is the fact that he spends more than he should for these clubs. I don’t care if he dates around just as long as he does it reasonably. What should I do with my dad?


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  • Patricia

    You have to remember that while he is your dad he is also a man. He isn’t a robot and he just wants to have fun. This could be a phase he is going through or he could just want to do this for the rest of his life. What do you think you will gain if you fight it? Nothing. Tell him you love him and while you don’t understand why he is doing this (and he may explain it or not) you will try to respect his life choices as he respects yours.

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