Can someone describe how Chongqing women are like?


I have quite a bad outlook on Chinese people because of how they usually are when touring a different country. Every Chinese tourist I’ve come across during my travels are either rude or extremely insensitive to the rules and regulations of the country they’re visiting. One example was when I was falling in line at the pier going to an island in the Philippines, a group of Chinese tourist decided to cut the line by entering the port through a door that was closed off to the public. Luckily the guards were too late to call them out as they already entered through the gates of the port but nonetheless, everyone was complaining about how unrespectful and impatient they are. Another example was how they’re very demanding to their hosts and staff members in every establishment they go.

Here’s my question, my best friend will be playing as a host to this group of Chongqing women who will be arriving in a few weeks. He’s begged me to help him out in hosting and accommodating these women but with my negative impression of them, it might be hard for me to keep my composure if ever they are the same as the typical Chinese tourists I, and most people, encounter around the world. Anyone here willing to help me out on this?


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  • Patricia

    I wouldn’t judge a whole nation based on what a few people did wrong. Let’s be honest, there are such people in every nation on the globe. I think Chinese people are quite patient, hard working, loyal and friendly. And there’s also the way you expect them to be: if you send good vibes and expect them to be great, chances are they will do just that. If you can’t do this, then maybe you shouldn’t try to help your friend with this.

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