My dad wants a Peruvian lady as his second wife.


My Daddy has been talking more about Peru ladies. I don’t know if he had met one. He has been so interested with them lately. He even asked me if I want to have a Peruvian stepmother. Of course, I didn’t answer his question. How could I like women whom I don’t have the slightest idea of. Should I let my Dad marry one? Are these ladies mother-like?


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  • Alexia

    So your dad already has a wife and wants to get another one? Is this legal where you live? On another note, you should want him to be happy and if this makes him happy you should support him. And just because you don’t know this woman doesn’t mean you should be negative about it. Ask him to meet her and try to get to know her – she might turn out to be a great woman.

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