Unbiased reviews on marriage tours, please?


For quite sometime now, I have been thinking of settling down. I don’t want to marry someone that has the same cultural background as I am so I’m opting to choose from foreign brides that are on the profile of this online dating site that I have signed in to. I just need to know how this marriage tour goes and I am afraid that if I ask the agency, I may get a biased response. I need those honest and unbiased opinions from you guys. 


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  • max1982

    I know 2 people that have used this. One of them did end up marrying a woman she met this way and they are very happy together. The other guy had a short relationship (4 months) with a woman and they weren’t really a match. He said they just weren’t a good match but the service was good, so I would try it but don’t get your hopes up: sometimes it works great and sometimes you’re just not right for each other.

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