I am looking for a Filipina bride.


My friend from USA got himself a Filipina date when he visited in the Philippines for business purposes. He said Filipina women are very caring and hospitable. They take good care of their loved ones. After meeting that woman, my friend tends to visit Philippines more. He is very attracted to the woman and is planning to make her his wife. But in my case, I am just starting to build up my business so I won’t be able to travel a lot. However, I found this Filipina bride tours online and I wonder if it is legit. What do you think?


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  • Ted

    I haven’t personally used one so I don’t know which ones are legit or not. I would dig a little deeper and see if other people have good experience with certain tours. I would think some are legit because there are people using them for years. You just need to do your research on particular ones you like and actually test them out and see for yourself.

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