Do Peru ladies enjoy American food?


My friend from Peru is coming over for a about a week and while she’s here, I’ll be her host for the time being. I’m planning to take her around the city and bring her to our local diners and restaurants. I’m kinda confused as to the food they eat? I tried researching but they’re mostly organic and healthy dishes. Do Peru ladies enjoy a big chunk of steak with a side of mashed potatoes? Would they enjoy some deep fried onion rings with a bowl of chili. I even saw a dish they have in Peru that’s basically roasted guinea pigs!

Anyone on here can help me out with this? I want to be a great food buddy and host to my long time friend. (Nothing dirty or malicious here, okay?)


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  • Patricia

    I would honestly try those dishes you mentioned. You can’t know for sure if she’s like something or not so try it. Let her know that she can refuse a dish if she doesn’t like it and don’t get your hopes up as she may not like anything. If that happens, just ask her what dishes she does like and you can serve her these ones next time. And always bring new dishes and let her try – again, she needs to test different things before she can pick some favorites.

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