I have problems dealing with Peruvian ladies.


I got myself a lady from Peru when I paid a visit there. I actually met this lady during the new years party dating service I got myself into. Peruvian ladies are really amazing and they are fun to be with. I can attest to that. However, I don’t know how to deal with her sometimes. She changes her mood every now and then. She’s giving me a hard time because of this. Can you help me with this? I need your advice. 


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  • Lucia

    Communication is key. Without know exactly how she feels and how she sees things, no one can help you figure this out. You need to talk to her more and get her to open up about her feelings and what is bothering here. There probably are a few things that are recurring and making her unhappy. Be gentle and ask her what is wrong. Don’t expect to get an answer the first time you ask. Ask again the next day and so on and always be calm and pleasant when doing so. Maybe she is not used to talking about these things so be patient.

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