My friend keeps bragging about his internet bride


My friend is into foreign women. Ever since we were in college, he would always go for women who came from different countries. We would call him Mr. International since he dated so many women from different races. Fast forward today, we got in touch again after years of drifting apart and this man has not changed one bit. He grew beard but his attitude towards men remains the same. We had a mini reunion with our college group of friends and he kept boasting about his beautiful foreign bride as if she were a brand new car. He is getting to my nerves and I really wanna call him out. Should I? Or should I not? Men rarely call out each other but he is becoming so annoying. I think he needs to be schooled.


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  • Patricia

    It all depends on what you want to accomplish? What are your motives behind doing one thing over the other? Do you want to teach him a lesson? And what will actually happen if you call him out? Will the life of that woman be better? Could you approach the situation with more diplomacy and try to change his ways in an indirect manner? Would that work better?

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