Decided to adopt an orphan

At the age of 35, I’m still single. Everytime I go for dates, it’s either the women dump me or I decide to not continue with my affair towards them. Just a few weeks ago, my grandma has been very persuasive about me marrying soon, or if not, just adopt someone from an orphanage. I don’t know what she’s into but I can sense that she’s really serious about me having a family ASAP. The latter idea of adopting a child caught me. I’ve been living alone in my house and adopting someone might be a good idea. While studying this out and looking for comments about adoption, I saw a testimonial in a marriage tours about the advantages of adopting an orphan, plus I’ll get to help someone who’s in need of a home and proper care. That’s when I decided to adopt an orphan. Should I choose for the kid? I don’t know the ways in doing so. I need your advice and critics regarding this. Thanks y’all!


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  • Lucia

    Adopting a child that may otherwise remain in foster care is one of the best things anyone could do! I say do it right away! Look for forums and sites that help with this and ask questions to see what papers you’ll need.

    Also, you should think about starting dating again (while the adoption process takes place). It will take some time for this to actually happen and maybe you can find the right someone for you meanwhile?

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