There are big differences between men and women in their way of thinking. Failure to recognize and appreciate these differences can become a source of disappointment, frustration and tension in every relationship… and even the downfall of it!

We don’t have to blindly and grudgingly accept those dissimilarities merely as consequences of living with him/her. Relationships between men and women are not necessarily difficult. Problems simply arise when we expect or assume him/her think, feel or act the way we do.

No, it’s not because of men and women live in completely different realities. Rather, our lack of knowledge and understanding that makes the relationship seems so problematic.

Indeed, it is possible to know and understand if we we are willing to learn. As the proverb says: “Knowledge is power”, that knowledge and understanding will empower us to use those differences as tools to make our lives happy and colorful!

But before we go further, there is something that I have to remind you: Although men and women think in different ways, neither of the way is better than the other. Both men and women can solve problems equally well. Only their approach and their process in solving the problems are often quiet different.

The Differences

Below are the list of the differences between men and women in their way of thinking. Some might sounds funny, some others ridiculous to you, but there they are. That’s how our fellow of the opposite sex generally think.

Men are more extensive in using their left hemisphere of the brain.

Women, because they have four times as many brain cells connecting the right and left side of their brain, can use their right hemisphere of their brain more effectively than men.

That’s why men are tend to use logical approach more than women. To women, men often seemed “disconnected” from their own feelings. Women, on the other hand, because of their greater access to both sides of the brain, are more capable to put emotion and feelings in their approach to problem solving.

Although men and women think in different ways, neither of the way is better than the other. Men and women can solve problems equally well.

In the way of thinking, the differences between men and women can be summarized with this: men think compartmentally and women think globally.

Men have enhanced ability to distant himself from the problem and minimize the complexity that exists. They consider and understand the problem one piece at a time and view elements as less interconnected and less dependent.

This makes men prone to belittling the details hence fail to appreciate the subtleties that may be important to successful solution. On the other hand, the way women think makes them more prone to be overwhelmed than their male counterparts.

Women can think on more than one problem at one time. They even frequently prefer to solve problems through multiple activities at a time.

This explains why for many young girls, the conversations of young boys are quiet boring. In fact, young boys often express confusion if they are in a conversation with other 6 girls who are discussing as many as four subjects at once!

The differences between men and women can also be seen in the way men and women approach problems.

Compared to women, men are more single-minded and focused. Women on the other hand, are multi-minded and integrated.

In problem identification, men tend to strip away all the muddying details (as they perceive them) and focus on the main problem. Or, if possible, try to divide the problem into smaller ones, solving one at a time.

Women do the opposite: they try to understand the whole big picture with all the complexities. Because, in their perception, most things are complex, not simple. For women, we can not understand the big picture without all the context and the details. But because of this, women are more easily overwhelmed than men.

Men are more risk-taker than women.

Studies and researches show that men are more likely engaged in risky behavior than women. More men caught for reckless driving than women, for instance.

Just for fun, let’s see a video that shows how men are really more risk takers than women. It’s quiet funny. Don’t miss it!

We can also see the differences between men and women in how both sexes perceive success.

When successful, men tend to attribute it to their own capabilities. But when fail, they often attribute it to the external factors as the cause.

Women do the contrary: when successful they tend attribute it to external factors such as luck and teamwork. But when they fail, women tend to take the blame on themselves.

Men’s culture is more hierarchical while women’s more egalitarian.

That’s why more men bragging about their accomplishments and capabilities than women. While men seek for approval and appreciation from other men, women are more inclined to building connection.

We can see the differences between men and women in relationship by what activities deemed important by both sexes, too.

Men feel closer and validated in relationship through shared activities such as sports, outdoor activities or sexual activities that are physical.

Women, on the other hand, feel closer and validated through communication, dialogue and intimate sharing of experience, filled with emotional content and personal perspectives.

Many men feel such sharing and involvement uncomfortable, or even scaring big-grin emo.

Differences between men and women in facing stress.

When facing stress, men tend to face it with a “fight or flight” strategy. They will either try to resolve the situation (usually alone, by himself) or, if they feel it is too hard for them, they will try to find a way of escape (fishing, drinking, etc).

Women, on the other hand, tend to face it by meeting or finding friends to share and trying to solve the problem together.

While insult and ridicule can make women change, they will never work on men.

Insult and ridicule will only make men angry and more resistant to change. This is an important point among many differences between men and women that every woman must remember.

The best way to “change” your man is by giving him appreciation on things he does that you like. Because men crave for such care and appreciation, he will do try to find other ways to make you happy and smile…. and thus earn your trust and respect.

In an ongoing romantic relationship, the phrase “I trust you” from the woman he loves is more meaningful to a man than “I love you”.

It is because the phrase “I trust you” can give him more boost to his pride and confidence. The “I love you” phrase, although it sounds pleasing too to him, is less effective because his brain structure makes him somewhat “disconnected” from his emotion big-grin emo

Differences in the way men and women remember things/events.

Women have an enhanced ability to recall memories that have strong emotional nuances. Men tend to recall easier the events where they had special achievements or anything that boosted their pride.

Men also can recall easily profound experiences that are associated with competition or physical activities.

Men and women perceive sex differently.

Sexual intercourse can make a woman feels bonded to the man. And many women are not willing to have sex with a man they don’t have any special connection.

But man is highly capable of doing sex with every woman he finds. Sex and feeling are two different unrelated things to him.

That’s all for now the general differences between men and women in their way of thinking. I hope you find them helpful in your quest to have better relationship with the one you love.

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