If there is a special guy that you’d like to get to know, there are certain questions you can ask him to get to know him better. These questions can help you establish a solid emotional attraction within a matter of minutes.

What Would You Want to do if Money Wasn’t an Issue?
This question will help you get to know him by finding out what his deepest dreams and goals are. It is also a highly effective wait elicit an emotional response that can work in your favor. Guys love talking about their own fantasies, so this question is a must when you are trying to establish an emotional attraction.

When Did You Feel the Happiest Growing Up?
Another way to bring about strong feelings in the guy you want to be with is to ask him to describe his best memories from childhood. There is a very good chance that he will go in depth and really get into it.

What Are Three Things We Have in Common?
Once he realizes some of the things you both have in common, it will be a lot easier to win him over. There are most likely a number of things that you share, so it is important to get him to understand that. This is one of the most intimate questions that you can possibly can.

What is Your Most Embarrassing Memory?
If you really want to make him vulnerable, ask him to describe his most embarrassing memory ever. While he might be a little bit hesitant to do so at first, he will likely open up and share with you. This will establish a firm line of trust with you, which is a crucial first step in building a genuine emotional connection.

What is Something You Have Never Told Anyone Else?
Ask him to tell you something that he has never told anyone else in his life. We all have secrets that we have kept from others for one reason or another. This will make him vulnerable and is another great way to quickly build trust. It will create a deep and strong bond between the two of you almost immediately, which is exactly what you want.

If You Could go Back and Tell Yourself One Thing, What Would it be?
This question will lead to a deep conversation about the mistakes he has made in the past and how feels about them. It is all about regret and wanting to go back and set things right. You will learn quite a bit about him while creating an emotional bond that will last.

Have I Ever Done Something to Really Hurt You?
Despite how it may seem sometimes, men have feelings just like women. They get hurt when people say or do (or not do) certain things to them. This is a great question because it will let him know that you care about how he feels. He will have a very deep emotional response, which will only make him more attracted to you. It’s always a good thing to find out if you have ever wronged a person you care for.

What is Something You Are Really Good at?
If it’s one thing that most people enjoy talking about, it’s the things they are good at doing. There are probably a number of things that he is skilled at that he wouldn’t mind discussing. By asking this question you will show him that you want to know more about who he is as a person. Everyone needs a chance to brag about themselves sometimes, and this will be it.

How do You Express Your Feelings for Someone?
Everyone has a different way of expressing their feelings towards other people. When you ask this question you will learn more about how he interacts with people that he likes, which is valuable information. It will also make him more vulnerable and create a significant bond. The way in which he expresses feelings for the people he likes will also tell you where he stands with you currently.

Where is the Craziest Place You Have Ever Had Sex?
Guys usually like it when girls are open about sex, and this question is a great way to show him that you are no prude. It can also spark a pretty interesting and sexy discussion. This is also a great way to lighten up the conversation when things start to take a deeper turn. There is absolutely no harm in being playful with your discussions with him.

What is Your Favorite Memory with Me?
This is another amazing question that will get him thinking about just how much he loves spending time with you. Ask him to describe the entire memory in as much detail as possible to maximize the emotional effect it has on him.

What do You Do When You Feel Stressed?
Ask him to tell you what he likes to do when he is feeling stressed. Everyone responds to this feeling in a different way, and it can be an excellent way to gain an insight into how his mind works. This question will also make him more vulnerable and open up to you, creating that strong emotional attraction that you are looking for.

When is the Most Scared You Have Ever Been?
You should also ask him about the time he was most scared, because it is something that will require him to again become vulnerable. Some guys don’t like talking about this kind of stuff, but it is great for building an emotional attraction.

Have You Ever Lost Someone You Have Loved?
While this question might seem like a bit of a downer, it will help build up that emotional connection between you and him. If he feels comfortable opening up to you about these things, there is a good chance that he is very interested in you. He will also be far more emotionally attracted to you because of this increased connection.


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