The future of dating is one that is both extremely exciting and a little bit frightening. No this isn’t a Carl Douglas song and the future of dating certainly doesn’t feature Kung-Fu fighting. At least, we hope not! Technology will of course play a major role in how the dating scene operates in 2019 and long into the future.

With that thought in mind, lets begin with the dating world of the futures and predict what we may see as common practice in the act of courting in years to come!

Dating Waaaay in the Future

Some of the predicted trends below contain information on new technology that you may or may not have heard of before. These technological advancements are set to continue growing in 2019, possibly ready for commercial deployment beyond the year 2020.

Virtual Reality Dating
VR gaming and video experiences are already gathering popularity in the technology market. It has been the new in things for a few years now and will continue to be as the capabilities continue to advance. Virtual Reality dating would allow you to enjoy all the experiences of a normal date but all from the comfort of your own home. You can˜meet someone before you actually meet them!

Biotechnology Based Dating
Back in 2003 it used to cost $80 million to sequence DNA from a cell. Twelve years later (2015) and the cost plummeted to just $10,000. Imagine how much cheaper this may become going into 2019, 2020 and beyond. This allows you to perform DNA analysis, to find your ultimate perfect match and unlock the innate laws of attraction.

A.I. Real-time Advice
Have you ever seen the movie Hitch? Imagine a live, real-time A.I. version of Will Smith living in your smart device or wearable technology device. Yes… how cool would that be!? If you haven’t seen the movie, Will Smith plays a character named Hitch who is essentially a professional dating and relationship coach. Awkward silences are removed when you have a real-time computer-generated love-coach providing you with solid dating advice!

But What About Next Year?

So, we’ve got all of that to look forward to/absolutely dread, perhaps. But what about the here and now? The year 2019 is almost upon us and so now is a fitting time to look at what to expect in the dating world next year. Back to reality for now!

First up on the list of trends to expect in 2019 is the act of ‘orbitings’ or ‘hauntings. This is when a person chats to you for a while, on Tinder or WhatsApp or whatever, and then they might go on a real date with you. Everything is going fantastic, it seems as though they are really into you, then one day there is a sudden break in contact. Nothing. Nada. Niente. Ceasefire.

For those of you who are wise to this sort of thing already you will know that this is known as ‘ghosting.It happens quite a lot and is a cowardly way to stop seeing someone. Unfortunately, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and many others mean that ghosts never truly go away. They may continue to watch your Snapchat stories or see your social media posts they are still in your orbit and haunting you! If you are in this situation and uncomfortable with it, block their accounts on all your channels.

If you have been seeing your partner for over six-to-twelve months, yet you have not met any of their friends or relatives, you are more than likely being stashed! It’s a harsh truth but often a sobering one! Everything may be going great on the surface and at times you may even think its going a little too well. But if you start to notice things aren’t progressing further, it may be time to ask some questions.

Are there any pictures of you together on social media? Does the other person like to keep their lives private and separate from their time with you? If you are being stashed, the likelihood is that the other person wants to play the field. Again not the most positive trend but one to look out for nonetheless!

Sexting and Chatlines
In truth, sexting has been a thing for a while, but it continues to grow in popularity and in total lack of shame or embarrassment. Sending a raunchy photo or sexy text seems custom to most healthy relationships these days, and why not!? Smart phones and other devices, coupled with the internet, have allowed all of us to be in constant contact with whoever we like.

This means those lonely nights alone, or those long working-weekends away, needn’t be as sad or as lonely as they once were. Dating is something that doesn’t just happen in the flesh anymore people can go on virtual dates online or experience company via a chat line. Yes, chat lines. Like these. Who needs to get all dressed up when you can both get dressed down!?

Again, the act of adding as many notches to your bedpost as possible has been a thing for as long as puberty has been a thing! But for whatever reason, this promiscuous behavior seems to coin a different name or tag every couple of years. Stamp collecting, bicycle riding and Pokemoning are all similar terms used to describe collecting as many sexual partners as possible. Gotta catch em all!

Everybody heard of catfishing, right? MTV made the term and the act infamous, but it is something that has happened on the internet since people were able to communicate via chat rooms etc. Catfishing is where you create a fake online persona that is more attractive than yourself, to trick someone else into a relationship.

Kittenfishing is similar, but this is when someone exaggerates their qualities, talents and accolades on a dating site rather than lying about their identity completely. The person in the photos will be them, but perhaps a much younger version of them, for example. It’s not lying in all cases, but it is shrewd and deceptive. Technology has the power to a lot of good in the dating world, but as you can see it also provides a very convincing fasade for almost anyone!


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