As all guys and gals know, dating, though apparently exciting is actually a very challenging job. While you are going on a date and have made thousands of preparations before dating, there is no guarantee that it is going to be a successful one. It is all the more tough for men as keeping up with women is not at all an easy task, let alone the success rate. In fact often guys find women a bit too confusing. And this is precisely the reason why most men attach themselves very easily to the first woman who pays them even a bit of attention.

According to experts most dating problems arise from the various actions that men do. This is truer for men than women are, as more often than not it is what the guys do that trigger relationship problems and relationship issues that finally lead to a bad relationship. However, it cannot be generalized that every time it is men who are at fault. This article highlights a few of those common mistakes that men seem to make while in a relationship.

  • One of the first mistakes that guys make even before they get into a relationship is behaving with a “not approaching” attitude. If you will wait for the right moment to attract her, you are possibly living in a fool’s world. You cannot just stand there waiting to approach her.  You will never be able to attract or seduce the love of your life until you actually go up to her and talk. Often guys keep waiting in search of the right moment, keep waiting for the right minute when they will approach the girl and start talking to her. Well, one thing that you need to get straight is, there is nothing called a right time or a perfect moment. For a proper relationship communication, the moment you see a girl and like her, you need to approach her. Put away all hesitation and approach with confidence if you want to start dating her. There is nothing to be anxious about, remember the worst that could ever happen is that she will say a “no” as far as dating you is concerned.
  • In order to avoid relationship issues or relationship problems dating is concerned, women always prefer spending time with a guy who is confident enough and has a strong and well groomed personality. This you must have heard of a number of times but it is only so because confidence is absolutely important for building of a proper you need to be a confident individual more than anything else is. As far as relationship, a relationship devoid of relationship issues and relationship problems. A man who lacks the streak of confidence in him will never be able to get attention from women, let alone the idea of dating or a relationship. A man who doesn’t have confidence becomes typical instance of the low status male to any average woman.

So stop being a guy who is always looking around for approval and appreciation from people around. Show ample confidence as an individual. You should have enough pride in who you are, but that should be in a subtle and quiet way. There is no need to show off or blow your own trumpet. A man who is confident, yet quiet and manages any situation will be preferred by most women prefer for dating and later on to be in a relationship. Moreover, with ample confidence you will easily manage to deal with most of the relationship problems and relationship issues you come across later on.  But remember, not to be over confident, as it will ruin everything even before it begins.

  • Another important element that you need to keep in mind in order to have successful dating ventures and also avoid relationship problems and relationship issues is never lie to a woman. Lying is one of the most common elements that manage to destroy the most perfect relationships in a matter of seconds. So do not lie to your girl. Women often judge men on what they say and thereon on what actions they take on the basis of their statements. So remember, the moment you try to lie to her for something, you put both yourself and your relationship in a dicey position. If you have enough confidence in yourself, in her and your relationship then probably you do not really need to lie in the first place. Minor occasional lies are what all of us resort to. But if you keep on lying to her on a constant basis you are surely heading for some serious relationship issues and relationship problems in the near future. In no time you will get caught and have nothing much to defend you or your relationship with her.

Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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