It is essential that you are able to recognize some of the most telltale signs that you are dating a womanizer so you can get out before any real damage is done. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you are with someone who really isn’t good for you, which is why this information is so important to have.

1. He is a little bit too complimentary
Womanizers are known for giving women tons of compliments, most of which are entirely empty and hollow. It’s important that you keep an eye out for this kind of behavior so you can recognize it for exactly what it is. While it’s fine if your man compliments you, you might want to be a little suspicious if he seems to do it too much. This can be a sign of a philanderer, so make sure that you keep this in mind.

2. He calls you by the wrong name
Perhaps one of the more obvious signs that you are dating a heartless womanizer is that he just so happens to call you by the wrong name. This could mean that he is “dating” numerous women at one time, including you. While it’s true that doing it once could just be an honest mistake, more than once is definitely reason for concern. Even if your man has just done this one time, you should still probably be at least a little bit suspicious because of what it could mean.

3. His Social Media accounts consist mostly of women
If you go on your significant other’s Facebook page and see mostly attractive women commenting on his statuses and pictures, you might want to be a little suspicious. If on the other hand it’s mostly just guy friends, you probably don’t have anything to worry about. Any many who is in a relationship and still has a ton of attractive women on his social media is probably playing the field, so you will need to remember that. A man’s social media accounts can say a lot about him.

4. He seems to be secretive
If you get the sense that your man is being secretive and keeping the whole truth about things from you, it’s important to keep digging until you get to it. Chances are if your man is being secretive, he is a big time womanizer. This is almost always the reason that men tell lies in a relationship. Ask him what he your life together will look like in another 10 years and gauge his reaction to get a better idea as to whether or not he’s really committed to just you.

5. A Lack of Serious Female Friends
Another sign that your man could actually be a womanizer is that he has plenty of female friends but doesn’t characterize most of them as being close friends at all. This could mean that he is still keeping his options open or even cheating. It’s not unusual for a man to have platonic female friends, but you will want to find out just how many of them are close friends.

6. You don’t spend much time with his friends
Think about all of the stable and healthy relationships you have had. Chances are with all of them you probably spent quite a bit of time with the person’s friends. If you haven’t seen much of your current man’s friends, it could definitely be a sign of something bad. This could mean that he has mostly female friends, and not the platonic kind. If you haven’t spent much time with his friends, try asking him about it and see how he reacts. If he keeps avoiding the subject, you will know that something is up.

7. His friends mix you up with other women
It should become quite clear that the guy you are dating is a womanizer when even his closest friends start confusing you for other women that he is brought around. If your guy is going behind your back with other women, there is a good chance that his friends will confuse you for someone else. It is important that you not let this slide even once, because it could be a huge mistake that you will regret later on.

8. Non-verbal signs
There are certain non-verbal signs that your man may be a womanizer that you will definitely want to watch out for. If you go out to dinner and he’s always checking out the attractive waitresses, he’s probably not a keeper. You obviously don’t want to date a man who can’t keep his eyes in his head, especially when he’s with you. Looking at other women doesn’t constitute cheating, but it’s definitely a bad sign to say the least.

9. His Reputation
If the guy you are dating has a reputation for being a lady’s man, you will definitely notice. You might even want to talk with some of his friends in private to see what exactly his reputation is like when it comes to the ladies. While not all of his friends might be entirely forthcoming, it is still worth a try. It’s true that people can change their ways, but you will still want to know what kind of reputation the guy that you are dating has.

10. He always seems to be texting others
If you find that your man cannot seem to stop texting others when he is with you, he might just be hitting up the ladies. While it’s true that he could just be texting his guy friends, there is a good chance that it’s more than that if his texting has gotten way out of hand. Your man should focus on you when he is with you, so keep that in mind. Too much texting while he’s supposed to be focusing on you could be a sign that he is a womanizer. It is crucial that you take all of these things into consideration.


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