It’s quite easy to convince someone to be your girlfriend. However, it’s only a real man who can treat his girlfriend in the right way. There are certain cute things that you can do to make your girlfriend remain faithful to you. You must demonstrate that you truly love and care about her. You must also prove that you are honest, loyal and respectful towards her, among others.

How to express love and care?

1. Be proactive

Your girlfriend naturally expects you to treat her like a queen. Don’t expect her to ask for things that you should spontaneously and naturally do, like; affectionately holding her hand, remembering her birthday and other special days, listening when she talks, among others.

She’ll be seriously disappointed if you fail do one or more of these things. She may even start feeling unwanted. Therefore, you should always be proactive. Treat your girlfriend like a queen even before she asks you to do so.

2. Be yourself all the time

If you have been in the relationship for long enough, then you should stop all forms of pretence. When you are with your girlfriend, just be the real you, not the character that you usually adopt while at school or place of work. Even though this may not occur overnight, it’s something that should happen in due course if you want the relationship to last.

For instance, you can be honest about certain negative emotions that you cannot openly express to other people.

3. Keep in touch

Maintaining communication is one of the cute things to do for your girlfriend.

She may find it difficult to always think about you if you don’t keep in touch with her. Even though different couples have varying natural communication rhythms, try to call and/or text your girlfriend on a regular basis.

You should also try to have physical meetings as regularly as you can, depending on how busy both of you are, the geographical distance and the financial implications.

Call and/or send her text messages to find out what she has been up to. Find out if she has faced any challenges, and also if she has achieved any minor or major accomplishments since the last time you communicated. Take the first initiative of contacting her. Do not wait for her to initiate the communication.

4. Do something for the sake of it

Your girlfriend naturally expects you to help celebrate her birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. However, these are not the only days that you should express your care and love.

Show that you love and care about her even on normal days. Give her pleasant surprises. Celebrate the relationship with her simply because you value it. This doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg. Just send her a lovely text message. Alternatively, give her a beautiful rose flower or a sweet love note.

5. Do not neglect your girlfriend

You shouldn’t skip your special anniversary dinner simply because your new car needs to be waxed. Instead of spending all your leisure time playing addictive video games, spend that time with her.

Even though there’s need to spend enough time in constructive engagements, you should also spare some time to be with your girlfriend. Even though you may have huge financial obligations to take care of, it’s also important to decompress or cool down by spending time with her. It will help you avoid medical conditions such as psychological stress and high blood pressure.

How to give your girlfriend a good time?

1. Be creative when taking her out for dates

Being ingenious is one of the cute things to do for your girlfriend. Even though many ladies enjoy the traditional movie or dinner nights out, it isn’t mandatory for you to restrict yourselves to the conventional date possibilities. Be imaginative. Take her out to engage in activities that are beyond her wildest imaginations. Being ingenious can play a significant role in strengthening the bond between the two of you.

For instance, you can surprise her by taking her out to engage in an activity that she had expressed interest in during previous conversations.

2. Make her feel special

Your girlfriend certainly plays a very special role in your life, so ensure she knows that. During those special nights you spend together, you should tell her and also demonstrate how much she means to you.

The most romantic way of making your girlfriend feel special is by being absolutely honest about it. Nothing can substitute genuine emotion, not even flowery language. Ladies are very gifted; they can tell when you are being honest and when you’re just pretending.

3. Dedicate special nights to her

Your special nights out shouldn’t be interrupted or distracted by other activities or people who are less important. Everything else should be put aside during the few hours spent with your girlfriend. Even if there are upcoming projects / assignments that require your attention, just ensure that your mind is absolutely clear. This allows you to fully concentrate on her.

For instance, you can switch off devices that can distract you, such as laptops or mobile phones. A special candle lit dinner with your girlfriend can be completely ruined by a phone call from a colleague or male friend who just wants to discuss something that is of little or absolutely no importance. Dedicating special nights to her is therefore one of the cute things to do for your girlfriend.

4. Regularly shower your girlfriend with praises without making her feel like an object

The special nights are excellent opportunities of expressing passionate feelings and emotions that you can’t express using words. During the initial courtship stages, you should be as passionate and as sappy as you wish, but restrict the compliments to her personality, aesthetic beauty or sense of humor, not her figure or sexiness, lest you make her feel like an object.

5. Pay the bills

Ideally, if you came up with the idea of taking your special lady out for a date, then you should pay for the meals and drinks. Do this to demonstrate how much she means to you, even if you are aware that she’s more financially stable than you are.

If the lady suggests that she wishes to pay part of or the whole bill, put up a little resistance to see how she’ll react. If she insists, just let her do so. It will be a clear demonstration that you consider her an equal partner in the relationship. If you insist on meeting the financial costs of your dates every time, she may start feeling patronized.

Other cute things to do for your girlfriend:

  • Let your girlfriend know how valuable she is to you.
  • Be respectful to her when having conversations with other friends.
  • Always tell the truth. Honesty is the main foundation of any romantic relationship.
  • When you are in parties or groups, spend as much time with her as possible.
  • Respect your girlfriend’s intelligence. Since you have the liberty of developing your own opinions and thoughts, you should also give her the same freedom.
  • Treat her like the love of your life, not like one of your male friends.
  • Be a good listener. This is one of the most effective ways of demonstrating that you value and respect her.
  • Have good manners whenever you are with her.
  • Give her undivided attention when you are with her. Do not be distracted by your mobile phone, television set, video game and/or another woman.
  • Remember and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special days.
  • Display your affection to her both in private and in public.
  • Regularly take her out for dates even if the relationship has existed for several weeks, months or years.
  • Always be confident and courageous enough to express your true feelings.
  • Convert the daily and routine interactions into small dates.
  • Communicate openly about important ideas and issues that concern one or both of you.
  • Give her pleasant surprises by occasionally and spontaneously displaying affection for her. Consider kissing her on the cheeks or lips, whispering nice words in her ear, gently squeezing her hand or affectionately hugging her.
  • Maintain eye contact; it cultivates trust, love and closeness.
  • Show genuine concern when she is unhappy or disappointed. Just listen to her, even if there’s nothing much you can do to help.
  • Learn to give genuine compliments.

Now when you have all these ideas get yourself and make something special for her!


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