Ladies everywhere crave romance. Even if they say they do not want flowers, stuffed animals, or chocolates, they still like to be surprised with something here and there. And what better way to give someone your love than to write a love poem.

Love poems for her are a way that you can show her how much she means to you. You are able to lay your heart on the line and say exactly how you feel. A love poem can make your lady feel special. Her heart can flutter once again. These poems are wonderful to bring a spark back in your life and make your love stronger. Poems will allow you to say that you cherish her and her love. It can be hard to describe in words how you feel, but after a while, these love poems will just come naturally to you. And if you keep the image in your head of her smiling while she is reading them, it will motivate you to find the best love poem ever for her.

A love poem can also make your gal feel like the most beautiful person in the entire universe. There does not need to be a special occasion for you to give her the poem. If she is having a bad day, you can present her with the poem. This can easily cheer her up. These writings can also make her feel appreciated. If she does a lot for you or your relationship, be sure to thank her with a poem. There is no better feeling in the world than reading a poem that was written especially for you, knowing that it comes from the heart of someone that loves you.

Love Poems For Her From The Heart:

Copy n’ Paste Love Poems

Light of My Life

You gave purpose to my life
You shined hope into my soul
Came down from heaven
To make me feel whole

Put your lips on mine
Filled me with love
Nothing could feel better
Than my angel from above

Endless Dreaming

I find my thoughts racing
When I am resting alone in bed
Pretty soon I find myself falling deep asleep
With thoughts of you filling my head

Although it’s never quite enough
I still love to see you in my dreams
Until we get to hold each other close
You’re closer than you seem

You Are My Future

When I think about my future
All that comes to mind
Is a vision of us standing strong
Together all the time

I know that we will make it
Through the long and lonely nights
Start to build our life together
Climbing ever closer to new and exciting heights

More Beautiful Than Anything

I simply could not imagine
A more beautiful sight
You are the one that comes to me
In all my dreams at night

The beauty of your soul
Is what made me fall so hard
Together we are stronger
Nothing get can ever drive us apart

I am the Luckiest

I am the luckiest man that has ever graced this earth
With so much passion I barely can contain
No other guy has been blessed so much
You take away all of my pain

The day I met you was so special
The moment I looked into your eyes
I knew that I had found
The perfect future bride

Better Man

Every day I wake up
I feel like a better man
Every time you kiss my lips
Or even just hold my hand

I didn’t think that I’d ever have so much love
You give me more than I deserve
With every smile and fleeting glance
Shakes me to my core


Love poems for her are something that you can give to her for free. It does not cost you anything but your time. Plus it will mean more to her because the love poems come from the heart. And it will melt her heart when she reads them. Think about how proud she will be when she tells her family and friends that you wrote her a poem. You will be the envy of all those ladies she tells, as not every male considers it important to do this.

However, you know that love poems are a great way to light a fire in your romance and make your girl happy. Consider writing your lady some love poems for not only Valentines Day, but Christmas, her birthday, your anniversary, Thanksgiving, Easter, New Years Day, and more. You could even surprise her out of the blue with one. She will feel lucky to have you and know how loved she truly is.


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