There’s no shortage of articles out there suggesting creative date ideas to help you get your dating life off the ground. However, while it’s easy to think that a quirky, outlandish date idea is exactly what you need to impressive someone and have a good time, many of these suggestions are actually considerably less fun than they sound. What might seem like a great, exciting thing to do can actually turn out to be far more hassle than it’s worth. Similarly, many ideas that may sound like a perfect taste of tranquility can actually end up being dull as ditch water. That’s why we’re going to give you a few great ideas for how to really enjoy yourselves, without falling into the same standard routines.

Try a New Cuisine Together

Plenty of people feel the need to impress on a date, particularly when it comes to the venue. It’s been drilled into us for years by the hospitality industry that, in order to impress, you need to really offer people the best of the best. However, for many dates, high end dining can actually end up being stifling, dull and over priced. Many smaller venues are now pushing their credentials as places for casual fun over food and drinks, but many of them often end up with a far higher bill than they deserve. A really great idea for a date is to do some research into a cuisine that neither of you are familiar with, and find somewhere to sample it. Large cities have a huge amount of food from around the world on offer, and much of the best of it is often extremely cheap. Immigrant cafes and restaurants that offer the real deal are often great value for money, and can be relied upon to provide a new and exciting culinary experience. Eastern European and African food are great starting points. Many quality Polish and Romanian restaurants can now be easily found, and Ethiopian food has been making a quiet splash over the last twenty or so years. Both offer quality food, at great prices.

Explore Somewhere You’ve Never Been

An easy way to dodge the pressure of planning a date is to essentially leave it all up to fate. Some train companies, and many bus companies, offer extremely cheap tickets to fairly random destinations. If you’re both up for making a light hearted bit of fun out of it, this can be a great way to enjoy a novel experience together. And a lot of the time, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. It’s easy to take a place for granted, but once you realise some of the options that may be lying a short train journey away, you may start making more of an effort to check out new places. Whether it’s somewhere you’ve been meaning to see for years, or a completely random choice, it’s a fun way to do something completely new.

Classes Are a Great Way to Learn Together

You may only want to consider this when you’ve been seeing someone for a while, but taking classes together can be a great way to get to know each other, while learning something completely new. Dance classes are a popular choice for many people, offering something active and fun that can be enjoyed together. There’s a huge range of different classes on offer, covering a wide range of different styles. If that’s not your thing, a cooking class can be a really great choice. These are often set up as one-offs, meaning that you don’t have to commit if it turns out not to be your thing. There’s a huge range of classes on offer, catering to a wide range of different skill levels and offering a huge amount of different cuisines. Have a look online to see what’s on offer, and find something you’re both likely to enjoy.

Find Some Lesser Known Local Attractions

Most people are familiar with the major attractions and museums in their city or local area. However, just about everywhere has a few lesser known attractions that can offer something exotic or unexpected at a reasonable price. Once you start investigating, you may find out that there’s far more on offer than you initially knew about. Strange museums and collections are a great way to enjoy something weird and different, and bond over surreal attractions. Medical curiosity museums are a great choice, as are historical collections that bring together an eclectic selection of different objects. Whether it’s a high quality museum, or simply a strange collection of items, you’re guaranteed to find something to enjoy.

Don’t Underestimate the Great Outdoors

The great outdoors has a huge amount on offer, but it’s often easy to take it for granted, especially if you live in a town. However, if you have a car or are willing to work out a route, most places aren’t far from some areas of exceptional natural beauty. If you aren’t too far from the countryside, there are usually plenty of great hiking trails and walking paths for you to enjoy. And even within a major city, there are usually a few parks that you’ve never explored, but which are well worth a visit. Check what’s on offer nearby, and put together a list of some of the best ones, then work through them all whenever you get a chance.

Many people end up falling into formulaic dates, going through the same motions and going to the same places over and over again. However, with a bit of imagination and a willingness to put in some research, you can find some really fantastic places to enjoy together. Try some of the above, find out what works, and start instilling some excitement into your dating life.


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