Ah! This is one of my favourite subjects. I fumbled in this very stage for a long time. I’m not an expert yet, but yes, I believe I can give some beneficial dating advice on the subject that is, how to create instant sexual chemistry with a woman.

Over the years that I have been in the field, sarging women and finding out what worked and what didn’t work, I found that two things worked in creating that mysterious sexual chemistry with a woman very successfully. But before I tell them to you, I would ask you to keep an open mind and not question it because you might be conditioned to think in a particular way by society, or maybe you were a student of some socially challenged creepy pickup artist. Just try to take in and assimilate what they are for, rather than trying to find faults with it.

Okay, the two basic steps that can help you create instant sexual chemistry with a woman are as follows.

Dominant Fun – What I mean by the term is women should be CHALLENGED, and women should HAVE FUN while they are being challenged. Are you getting me? That’s why teasing works so well in creating that instant chemistry. What is chemistry, by the way? Chemistry is when the person has crossed the line, and you are comfortable with it. You are basically enjoying it. Suppose you have been talking with a man for a few minutes now, and when you see something undeniable, he quips, “Wow! You are a genius”. He is that person who just entered your bubble, and you are enjoying it. It just creates a sense of comfortable tension between you two. Occasional teasing and playfulness are better at keeping up the chemistry than continuous teasing.

There are two ways you can have fun. One that shows confidence and a sense of humour and is thus attractive; another that shows a ‘seeking approval’ attitude and, therefore, is not beautiful. We are talking about the first one here. Occasional sprinkling of this confident playfulness is what keeps that ON between you.

Sexual Flirting – Now listen to me very carefully. Men DO flirt, but most of them actually flirt in the lines of ‘I’m interested, but I’m not so sure if you will like me’.

If you approach a woman and ask her if you can buy her a drink, then you are actually showing sexual interest, aren’t you? But the problem here is that you are not being confident! Now, take the example below.

Let’s say a female coworker is getting inside an elevator, and you give her the pass. Check the conversation below:

You: Please…
Her: Wow! You are a gentleman (a little tease)
You: Don’t be mistaken, man, I’m just trying to see your cute little butt behind.
Her: Oh! That took a long time to build.
You: That’s why I’m being a gentleman

In this example, you see how he showed interest but was also confident. That’s what impresses women. You should be able to FLIRT WITH HER, but you should do it from a strong position, not from a submissive downhill stand. Women actually love it when a confident ‘high-value’ man hits on them. If you are beautiful and high-value, you might scare them if you approach them VERY DIRECTLY. But if you establish some comfort and acceptance initially, then she can take your flirting and also enjoy that. That creates the chemistry.

But here’s an important note. It’s always better to just cut the nonsense and convey your interest in the most unassuming way possible. Like in the elevator situation, that was fun, but she might not have taken it to heart. And you want her to take you seriously, don’t you? So, the best way to flirt is to be absolutely serious and not add any playfulness to it. It makes her think about it later if you do it right, takes it to a more severe level, and that’s how you actually get a girlfriend.

Moreover, when you combine that superficial dominant fun with intense sexual flirtation in the undertone, that’s when it creates the right sexual chemistry with a woman.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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