There are several common long distance relationship problems to be aware of, but first, I want to instill in you some confidence. Many people successfully navigate through the troubles of distance relationships. I am one of those people. My wife and I dated for two years (and even broke up, though I won her back) and we’re marreid today. Many people scoff at the long distance, but if the other person is worth it, that shouldn’t matter.

So what if you’re in one right now and things appear to be getting rocky? What are some of the things a lot of couples deal with?

These are some things to look out for:

  • Not talking to one another for several days (when you are capable of doing so)
  • Having the urge to date other people simply because they’re there
  • Feeling lonely and not as close to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband as you could be
  • Feeling like it’s somehow the other person’s fault for not being near you

Those are just a few common things ever couple faces when they’re that far apart. I was there too. You have to look on the positive side, though. We both especially appreciated the fact that we had time to spend with our friends and time for school work. We also looked forward to every single minute we had together. It really made us not take the other for granted.

And while that’s all fine and dandy, it’s not going to help when you really feel like things aren’t going well. If you sense that your significant other is drifting away due to distance, there’s only one thing you can do!

Go see them immediately.

Yes, you literally have to drop what you’re doing and go see them. It sounds extreme but it solves two major problems here. Basically, it shows your significant other that you will do anything to make it work between you two. This will get to them both emotionally and subconsciously. In addition to that is the obvious benefit: It allows you to see eachother! Remember, so many problmes can potentially arise simply because you’re not there to see each other’s faces, so by removing that obstacle you’ll greatly improve things. You need to learn to be this way and you’ll be successful in any relationship, long distance or not.

In addition to those things, you can try several sweet gestures like:

  • Ordering flowers and having them hand delivered
  • Sending them old fashioned, hand written letters
  • Watching shows or movies together over the phone
  • Meeting eachother halfway between you for the day or for lunch (if you’re within driving distance)

Just be creative and always look forward to the time when you’ll be together at last. Keep holding onto the dream and keep working at it. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Overcome Relationship Problems

Overcome relationship problems before the breakup occurs and you’ll be much better off. Look, if you’re starting to notice more and more fights, more problems, more squabbles, and more frustration then it’s really time to take action. The longer you wait the more numb the both of you will become to the fighting, and ultimately you’ll break up. Now granted, sometimes this is because the relationship wasn’t a good thing. However, most of the time one or both of you will realize that all the fights started because you didn’t make the effort to really solve the isssue.

Don’t let that happen to your relationship.

Look, I’ll level with you. You might already be at the point where a breakup is going to happen anway. You’ll have a good idea if this is the case. However, if that is coming you can still make things easier on yourself by starting to be more selfless and making every possible effort to see things through your lover’s eyes. Believe me, that makes a world of difference. Granted, that won’t eliminate the problems, but you’ll start to see real improvements. This actually isn’t something that’s extremely difficult to do once you know what it is, it just helps to have a complete step by step walkthrough so you don’t have to worry what your next move should be.

Now, if you are headed down the road to breakup, or you already have, and are desperately trying to win your ex back, then you have some options too so don’t get discouraged. There are several known techniques that systematically allow you to get rid of all the negative thoughts your ex might have of you while at the same time instilling new positive ones (or bringing the old positive ones back to the surface). This is all explained in Magic of Making Up, which you can read my review of here. Other guides try to figure out this approach or mix in their own unique elements, but in my opinion, TW Jackson explains it the very best. What I also like is the fact that he touches on what no one else does: What you should do if your ex has a boyfriend or girlfriend. He also explains what to do if you think you are going to lose your current lover to someone else.


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