“How do I get my girlfriend back,” a guy may ask after he was caught cheating and subsequently dumped. The whole relationship is over and the girlfriend is gone, a trail of anger and pain in her wake. If you are in this position, and you’ve come to the realization that you still love her and want to rekindle your relationship, you will of course want to get her back. The problem is that she may not want to get back together with you.

The good news however is that most breakups can be patched up, even those which have been caused by cheating. Here are several tips that you can try:

First of all, figure out why you cheated on your girl. And while we’re on the subject, why do people – both men and women – cheat even when they are still in love? What could have caused you to do that to your partner?

To answer this question, you have to fess up to the real root of the problem and not just its symptoms otherwise you’ll never be able to patch up your relationship. In a way, cheating is the result of deeper problems. Generally, it can be the lack of intimacy or even frustration. So don’t just admit that you cheated or focus your mind on “How do I get my girlfriend back?” Find the root of the problem that caused your infidelity and figure out a way to fix it.

After you have dealt with the deeper problems of your relationship and how it drove you to cheat on your girlfriend, it’s time you think about apologizing. If done properly, an exceptional apology can do wonders to a strained relationship. On the other hand, if done poorly, it can also ruin your chances of getting your girl back.

Apologies are a tricky thing though and you should always remember that. Even though you’ve already made your apology, bought peace offering, or sent her an “I’m sorry” letter, there is more to an apology than simply saying “you’re sorry.”

It helps to say your apologies without being defensive or passive aggressive. After all, you are the one who’s at fault and you have to take responsibility for it. Avoid putting any blame on her even if you think that she deserves some of level of blame. She may not react favourably to it, and no amount of “I want to get my girlfriend back” can fix that kind of mistake.

Another thing to remember about making an apology is that you need to appreciate her feelings and make sure to tell her that. For example, “I know I screwed up with what I did and you the right to be mad at me.” No one likes to have their feelings ignored, especially women, and you don’t want her to feel that way. So help her love you again by telling her that she was right to feel the way she did.

However, while you are thinking of your girlfriend, you should remind her that you are affected by the breakup as well, not necessarily by her decision to breakup with you but of what you did. Failure to do so will make you look like a pushover.

For example, you can describe how guilty you feel about what happened. You can also try admitting your sadness in a dignified way in order to get her interested in you. Don’t worry too much about sounding like a sissy. Women like some sensitivity alongside a show of strength.

If you can appeal to her sensitive side, your partner won’t help but appreciate your sensitive side and things will take a turn for the better. One word of caution though. In preparing yourself to make your apology, the bigger your mistake, the longer you wait to apologize. You don’t want to apologize for an affair 2 days after it has occurred because your girlfriend would still be fuming. Take your time and stay calm.

Although not completely exhaustive, the tips mentioned here will help you get back on your two feet. An affair shows the problems behind a relationship and if you apologize correctly and address the right issues, you will be one step closer to finding a solution to the question of “how do I get my girlfriend back?”


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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  1. Deshawn Smith Reply

    Think this would do any justice? I haven’t cheated just been a as awhile

    That’s a promise I’m still up I’ve been thinking really hard can’t sleep I don’t want no one else I’m getting myself together because I can’t let my queen get away from me this is true love we caught in and I promise you no more sorrys nomore stressing you and stuff out of anger etc all my anger selfish jealous ways are left i can’t let my family get away from me . Love you just call or text me when you feel like it cause I know your feelings right now.
    If I call you its checking on you and the kids no arguing or dumb questions etc.. You don’t deserve that I been a dick head I know I have but I can make all that up within time. Sorry if I woke you hope you read this when you wake in the morning and helps with something because together or not together we don’t suppose to be like this. Smile you have all the reasons to your blessed sorry. I take all the faults cause I don’t want you feel wrong for anything babe I just wanted to get over this hump and really take care of you and our kids and be happy. 1+1=2 them numbers together is 4 ever addition love from my heart babe these text is written from me not off Internet. From my heart I’ve made mistakes hope you can find some understanding and forgiveness in that special place for me in your heart. Love you so much more and more every day Idc what ppl say anybody say it’s not going to change my feelings my love for us cause no one can take your place I promise I swear and that’s a fact that you know your the best and I am too I just been getting caught up in stress my brother and trying to get us over the hump. There will be brighter days in the name of Jesus. I don’t want you thinking I’m doing this I’m doing that because I’m not we got kids to take care of school etc. I’ll let you know before anything to protect your heart and feelings because I care and really do love you dearly. Once again smile pray take it day by day call me if you can’t make it with the kids Tinka said she would watch them I asked her because she is suspended congratulations on starting school I’m very proud of you. Sorry but this is who I am sorry I’ve been a dick head but I’m working on it with space I love you. ANYTHING IM HERE ALWAYS AND FOREVER I PROMISE YOU YOU MY ALL MY WORLD AND NOT ASHAMED TO SAY I NEED YOU CAUSE YALL MY HEART MY REASON OF LIVING MOTIVATION TO SUCCESS THIS IS REAL I LOVE YOU. Sorry for being a asshole.

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