Anyone who has had a broken relationship can tell you a broken heart poem will not help to repair a broken relationship. Yes they can make you feel better when your heart is broken but to fix things between you and your ex the poem is useless.

At this point it may seem to you that your Ex is the only person who has the power to change things in the relationship. He or she is staying away from you, not returning your calls, and making sure there are no incidental run-ins with each other. If your ex doesn’t read that poem how is it going to help? So the best you can do with the broken heart poem is give yourself temporary relief from the break up until the reality comes back; your relationship is still broken.

The good news is you can change things between you and your ex. It isn’t only them who has the power to change things in the relationship. It is so easily done but you are too heartbroken to know better. Want to know how?

There are steps that you do alone that can turn things around between you and your ex. He or she will not notice it right away but eventually your ex will start to think about you. You want to be ready when that time comes. All it requires from you is doing something you need to do anyways. Help yourself first and return to the person he or she thought you were when the first fell in love with you.

Step One

Don’t Panic – This is a very important step in getting your ex back. If you panic you come off as needy and desperate. You show no respect for how your ex feels or what they need right now. You are doing what they feared the most about breaking up and that is you wouldn’t want to accept the breakup. Getting your head on straight is the most important thing you need right now and not panic and seeking out friends and family who can think rationally is the best thing to do because you can’t trust yourself right after a break up.

Step Two

Acceptance – agree with the breakup. Don’t try to contact your ex other then the letter saying you agree with the break up and felt it was needed. Once you send the letter don’t contact your ex for a while. This is the time apart period and your will just get more upset if you don’t respect this.

Step Three

Figure out where you stand in the relationship. You need to examine the relationship and be honest with yourself. Things like did you talk? Were the conversation diverse or about the ame thing? Did you enjoy doing things together or not? You need to really decide if the relationship is worth saving.

Step Four

Change the things you can control – This means changing yourself. Get a new look, force yourself to go out, learn to be single again and not have someone to do things for you. You need to re-invent yourself pretty much. You will end up like you were when your ex first fell in love with you and hopefully improved. Besides making you feel better about yourself you may figure out what you did wrong and not repeat it.

Step Five

Dating other people – here you go. All the change you did to improve yourself will make you look more desirable. Now you can go out and start dating again. Don’t get serious right away. Get seen going out. If anyone sees you it may get back to your ex and the combination of absence makes the heart grow fonder and knowing you moved on dating again will give your ex plenty to think about. It won’t take much longer.

Step Six

Ease back into your relationship – It has been at least two months now. Give your ex a call and ask how they been. Just small talk though; nothing about the break up or how you feel about them. It is ok to disagree as long as it isn’t about the relationship or the breakup. It should lead to a date. If it does don’t get serious right away just ease back into the relationship. Take it slowly and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Let it happen naturally and if it doesn’t work out, be happy you got a second chance.

There is a lot more to the process but these are the steps you fo through. Sometimes it takes longer to repair a broken relationship, sometimes it happens right away. Respecting your ex’s decision to break up will make your ex wonder if they did the right thing. Knowing you moved on and look more desirable will stir up old romantic thoughts. That is all it really takes. What ever happened before to cause the break up won’t seem important anymore when your ex sees the person you become.

Just remember that people are like jigsaw puzzles. Once all the peices are in you can really see how beautiful they can be. Maybe you needed the break up to fill in your missing pieces.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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  1. My x broke up with me about 1 & a half. He is now in a rebound relationship and does not contact me or reply any of my emails. Should I give up. It it really over I never know as he has blocked me off phone calls and text messages. My only contact is emails but he does not reply so I m not sure if his reading them or bin it in .. I love him still and have t been able to move on

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