There are lots of different cute nicknames that you can call your man. While guys might seem like they don’t care about this kind of stuff, most of them do. Choosing the right nickname will make him feel special. It will also remind him of how you feel about him. We have compiled a list of the best nicknames for you to review.

1. Babe
2. Baby (this one is a classic and a lot of guys like it)
3. My love (a sweet nickname that is perfect for most couples)
4. Bright eyes (especially good if he has really vibrant eyes)
5. Bad boy (a good nickname for when he’s being naughty)
6. Bae
7. Boo
8. Batman (if he is a comic nerd he might like this one)
9. Darling (another classic that never goes out of style)
10. Eye candy (lets him know you appreciate his looks)
11. Cowboy (makes him feel masculine and tough)
12. Cutie pie
13. Foxy
14. Good looking (another good complimentary nickname)
15. Goofball (for when he is acting silly)
16. Gorgeous
17. Teddy bear (maybe a little mushy for some guys but still cute)
18. Honey bee
19. Hot lips
20. Hottie
21. Sexy
22. Love bug
23. Mi Amor (for a nice foreign spin on “my love”)
24. Mister
25. Playboy
26. Robin Hood
27. Sailor
28. Sexy pants
29. Stud muffin
30. Sweetness
31. Warrior (also makes him feel like a tough guy, which he’ll love)
32. Zorro (sort of a funny one but also kind of masculine)
33. Wonder boy
34. Mr. Big (this one can be used in a naughty way too)
35. Papito
36. Panda (great for big guys who are a little clumsy)
37. Chipmunk
38. Wolfie (good for hairy guys)
39. Precious
40. Snookums
41. My one and only
42. Rockstar (is there anything better than being a rock star?)
43. Sugar
44. Thunder cat
45. Tiger
46. Tough guy (makes him feel tough and strong)
47. Wolverine (is he a big X-Men fan?)
48. Meatball
49. Knockout
50. Kiddo (great one if he is a little younger than you)
51. Lover (a nice cute classic nickname)
52. Gummy bear (he’s sweet and delicious!)
53. Handsome (classic and complimentary)
54. Chief
55. Beautiful
56. Blue eyes (only works if he has blue eyes, obviously)
57. Chewbacca (perfect for hairy dudes and tall Star Wars fans)
58. Cool Hand Luke (great tough guy nickname he might love)
59. Fly guy
60. Amore
61. Bear (best for big hairy guys)
62. Beau
63. Big guy (perfect for tall and/or chubby dudes)
64. Dreamboat
65. Honey badger
66. Hubby (not just for married couples anymore)
67. Hotshot
68. Ice man (does he really like Top Gun?)
69. Jock (great if your man is really into sports)
70. Captain
71. Daddy (kind of a kinky nickname that not all guys are into, but it’s worth a try)
72. Daredevil (great for daring guys who like to take risks)
73. Dream boy (let him know that he’s the man of your dreams)
74. G-man (stands for Gorgeous Man or whatever you want to make up)
75. Hoshi (this one means “star” in Japanese)
76. Hunk (perfect for guys that are bulky and muscular)
77. Honey bunch (kind of like honey bear but a little less sappy)
78. Ironman (excellent nickname if you are dating a comic book nerd)
79. My drug of choice
80. My price
81. Movie star (if he has those Hollywood good looks)
82. K.O. (another way to call him a knockout)
83. Koala bear (the koala is one of the cutest and most cuddly animals ever)
84. Ladies man (give him that confidence boost once in a while)
85. My king (this one is particularly good if he calls you “my queen”)
86. My whole world (lets him know how much he means to you)
87. My forever (you will always be his no matter what)
88. Other half (a cute way of saying “significant other”)
89. Penguin (you are going to be his mate for life)
90. Spicy man (he adds that extra bit of zest and flavor to your life)
91. Superman (great for comic nerds and manly guys alike)
92. Snuggly
93. Super stud (it’s like calling him stud but taking it to the next level)
94. Skywalker (great one if he is into Star Wars)
95. My fantastic man (simple but good cute nickname for your man)
96. Heart throb (let him know you think he is a real looker)
97. Honey buns
98. Hugster (if he is great to hug, this is a perfect nickname)
99. My beloved (lets him know just how passionate you are about him)
100. Doll face (this is a nice classic cute name)
101. My hero (makes him feel important and strong)
102. My everything (another nice classic that tells him how much he means to you)
103. My sunshine (he is the light that brightens up your life)
104. Pumpkin (simple but cute little nickname)
105. Quirky boy (perfect if he has a lot of weird but adorable quirks)
106. Quake (because he makes you tremble with passion whenever he is near)
107. Rocky (great manly nickname that a lot of guys love)
108. Sugar
109. Sweet cakes
110. Sweetie pie
111. Nemo (because you never want to lose him)
112. Mr. Perfect (while he might not be perfect, he will sure appreciate the nickname)
113. Mr. Right (because he is right for you in just about every single way)
114. My sweet boy
115. Love monkey (he is cute and adorable like a monkey)
116. Mr. Cool
117. Looker (let him know you think he is very handsome)
118. Mr. Muscles (if he is a big strong guy that likes to work out)
119. Mr. Cutie
120. Angel
121. Boobear (he’s like a teddy bear because you just love holding him)


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