Though the films and soaps often keep us showing the fantastic possibilities of blind dates, yet more often than not people keep wondering whether blind dates actually work or not. Though the relationship experts have no such statistics or measuring index that could help decide on the credibility of blind dates, yet there is a logical foregrounding that may help support the issue of blind dates.

Often most of us get to meet complete strangers at clubs, parties, restaurants or parks just casually through our friends or acquaintances. Well that is part of your lifestyle and all men and women tend to make contacts, come across new individuals, establish connections and make friends. One of the prime factors that play an important role in a successful friendship is that there is something in common between two individuals. Often it is similar qualities, preferences, tastes, choices or interests that bring people close to each other and lays the ground for brooding friendship.

People have friends and other friends and even other friends for these same reasons. So considering the friend of a friend for dating may not be that bad idea as after all there will be something common that you will be able to find in the other individual. Considering genuine dating ideas, this would be a very wise decision for a potential date, rather than blind date.

A blind date is simply when you meet a friend of a friend or the colleague of a friend whom you haven’t seen or met priorly. You are meeting the individual for the first time. Meeting a complete stranger for dating through sites or any other channel is also termed as blind date.

Often it is either the friends or the family members who tend to arrange blind dates or such unforeseen dating rendezvous on behalf of single individuals. In fact people who are the most close to us and who know us well are often heard asking such questions like, “Do you exactly have any idea who will actually be perfect for you?”

Well going on blind dates that a friend or a relative arranges for you is one of the most potent ways in which a single person can start his search for a suitable dating partner. Blind dates can also be held as a positive way in which you can find a suitable date who surely has something in common with you, some quality that both of you possess which helps build on the attraction in a relationship.

But on the other hand, there are a few cons of this entire idea of blind dates as well. The precise downside that a blind date may have is you can end up meeting a person who is absolutely disgusting and wearisome. There is no such way in which you can actually manage to predict the chemistry in a relationship, let alone a blind date. It is never possible for a third person to decide on how two people are going to get along.

Only the people who are dating each other can decide on how they will get along that too after dating for some time. All that friends and relatives can make, in case of arranging blind dates, is blank guesses. And they make these guesses on the basis of your prior dates, the kind of people you have been dating earlier, etc. There is no solid basis to define what evokes the true attraction between two individuals who are dating.

Whenever we walk into a pub or a disco, we know exactly what in the surroundings is drawing our attention. You know exactly whom you are eyeing since the very first step in to the place. But often after speaking to him/her for the first time, the initial attraction you had felt subsides in the face of a horrible accent or a poor grammar or worst than all, a tacky clichéd pick up line. Well the truth is, no matter how easy we may think it to be but meeting a soul mate is not a matter of joke. Just dating girls like that is not going to be your way of establishing a long relationship or finding the perfect date.

One of the latest trends in the field of dating that has emerged with a blast is the idea of online dating. It is a mode of dating that is both a lot of fun and convenient as well. But to ensure whether the person you are talking to is honest and not a sheer fake talking lies, you actually need to spend a lot of time talking to him. A lot of people who do online dating do not always say true things about who they are or what they do. Hence, to avoid fraudulent traps one needs to be extra careful. Physical attraction is not all that matters. What actually matters is to find physical attraction in someone who shares a very strong mental compatibility with you and a bright personality as well.

On the concluding note, it can be said that ‘yes’ blind dates do work to an extent, you just need to be at the right place at the right time and you can surely run a chance of meeting one with whom you can share a long and satisfying relationship.


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