When you are looking for a casual hookup, chances are you do not want to spend too much time getting to know your partner – unless you two share a cigarette after and have some time for a little chat. Unfortunately, most dating websites do not provide such a direct service, apart from a few. So, what are the top-rated websites for quick casual sex?

1. Hot Sex Buddies (Visit Website)

Hot Sex BuddiesHot Sex Buddies goes straight to the point. You do not go there to meet someone and start a relationship or get to know too much about them. For this reason, most profiles do not provide too much info but just a few pictures. You like it, you hit it – simple as that.
More than 40,000 horny members are scouting the website on a daily basis. Registration is simple and only asks for your gender, date of birth and email address. Once in, you can browse everything for free, yet you will need a premium membership to chat with your hookups.

  • Straightforward service
  • Easy to use
  • Registration is basic
  • Not too many fake profiles


  • Communication asks for a premium membership


2. LiveFlings (Visit Website)

LiveFlings siteThe live chat feature on LiveFlings allows chatting to others in real-time – suitable for a quick hookup. You can also check their profiles. You also have a live cam category with models in all kinds of categories. The website works like a little social network so that you can add buddies for further communication or sex.
Searching is quite detailed – gender, country, what they seek, age, pictures, zip code and so on. Also, if you want fast answers, you can just use the online feature. It shows you who is online at the moment. If you are their type, they will reply right away.

  • Check who is online
  • Multiple search criteria
  • Live cams
  • Live chat


  • Paid subscription to enjoy all the benefits


3. FlirtLoft (Visit Website)

FlirtLoft datingFlirtLoft is self-explanatory – it is recommended to straight, bisexual, gay and lesbians. The site welcomes couples regardless of their orientation. Relatively new on the market – established in 2018, it gained a considerable reputation within months only. You have a primary search function, as well as a more detailed and specialized one. Regional searches are also available.
Registration takes a while because you have to complete a long-form, but it’s totally worth it. More details add to your compatibility with other couples, making it easier to find someone suitable. It can be used on a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone. There are no free trials, though, just premium memberships.

  • Multiple search criteria
  • Good compatibility suggestions
  • Small amount of fake profiles
  • Easy to use on any Internet connected device


  • No free trial


4. OnlyHookup (Visit Website)

OnlyHookup TrialOnlyHookup is one of the wildest sex dating websites. There is no room for relationships or long, boring chats. If you like someone, hit them up and meet up for sex – simple as that. Some of the main features include an option to see who is online for quick answers, a comprehensive search function that allows searching in your area only, friend lists and live chat rooms.
Live cams are also available and include models from multiple categories—most of them are girls, though. It is worth noting that you have multiple membership options, depending on how long you want to use OnlyHookup—longer makes it cheaper on a monthly basis.

  • Fully featured portal
  • Live sex cams
  • Live chat rooms
  • Multiple membership options


  • Decent amount of fake interaction from fake profiles


5. Victoria Milan (Visit Website)

Registration for Victoria Milan is free, and profiles can be edited later for more information. Identifiable personal information is not required. Profiles are quite detailed and allow you to see if the user is online. The search function is diversified, yet you can only message users if you have a premium subscription.
Some of the extras include the possibility to mark yourself as anonymous by blurring your pictures, a panic button that takes you to an innocent button if someone enters your room, or the wink feature – let someone know you like them, but without sending a message.

  • Straightforward profile and fast registration
  • Editing features for pictures for privacy
  • Panic button to go to an innocent website right away
  • Cheaper than other similar websites


  • Featured users are based on their popularity, rather than compatibility


6. SnapSext (Visit Website)

SnapSext SiteSnapSext is pretty straightforward when it comes to sex. No one there wants to waste their time asking you about your hobbies. If they like you, they will contact you. You have a video chat feature to see hot ladies before meeting them, as well as live cam girls, who will do whatever you want on camera for the money.
Galleries of members are also available. Plus, the function to see who is online will most likely give you the quickest replies to your messages. When it comes to searching for people, you can find new people, popular users or just the perfect partner from your fantasy through around 10 different criteria.

  • Good searching capabilities
  • Can scout for new or online users
  • Video chatting features
  • Live sex cams


  • Limited access for free users


7. Sleep With Younger Women (Visit Website)

Sleep With Younger WomenDo you need a better name to understand what this casual sex website is about? Pretty much most men out there would love sleeping with younger women, especially as they get older. Believe it or not, there are also plenty of girls who fantasize about sleeping with older men. There you go!
The portal is like any essential dating website. You have a simple registration upfront, some premium packages and the possibility to search for the perfect girl. You are free to choose a series of search criteria and trim your options until you spot the right one.

  • Straight to the point
  • Easy to search for the right girl
  • Compatibility match recommendations
  • Direct messaging system


  • Good amount of girls looking for sugar daddies


8. Snap Babes (Visit Website)

Snap BabesSnap Babes allows finding the right girl for a quick hook up in no time. Not only does it function like a dating website, but it also provides video chatting – this way, you know for sure those pictures are real. Bored on a lonely night? Go to the live sex cam category and watch some supermodels do whatever you want them to do for the right amount of money.
Members can also upload their galleries, which are great to browse when scouting around. See who is online, get fast answers, and take advantage of the advanced search function. Plus, if you are worried about compatibility issues based on language or religion, you can also use these criteria in your search.

  • Plenty of search functions
  • User galleries
  • Video chatting for security and entertainment
  • Live sex cams


  • Some fake profiles here and there


9. XXX Personals (Visit Website)

XXX Personals DatingXXX Personals is about no strings attached fun. Just like most sex dating websites, you will be asked for gender, orientation, age and location to sign up. Once inside, you will be surprised by how responsive and easy to use this website is – no sophisticated buttons, fancy menus, or so, but just a good interface based on simplicity.
Most girls are average or above average. No supermodels – great news! It means there are fewer fake profiles than on other websites. After all, girls do not need to do too much to get laid, so you are less likely to find a 10/10 looking for sex online.

  • Easy to use
  • Simple registration
  • Many real users
  • No strings attached


  • No supermodels – is it really a bad thing?


10. WellHello (Visit Website)

WellHello datingWellHello is strictly about sex. You can register as a couple as well, not to mention the option to search for couples. It has something for everyone and can be used on smartphones and tablets, too. Working like a social network, it allows you to add users to your friends list for further reference. The same goes for the favourites function.
Private galleries represent a good source of information when scouting for some quick hookups. Furthermore, you can opt for verified profiles only, which means there is no place for spam bots or fake profiles. It is a convenient feature that every dating website should implement.

  • Verified profiles to identify real users and prevent fake profiles from contacting you
  • Deeply customizable search function
  • Private galleries of users
  • Available from any Internet-connected device


  • Decent amount of so-called love hostesses – robots owned by the company to encourage users to try all the features



As a short final conclusion, these portals make a great choice if you look for casual sex – no strings attached, not too much communication and no need to go out for a few coffees and dinners first.​


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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