Dares are an indispensable way of injecting fun and mischief into social situations. They’re great ways to break the ice, make memories, and push people outside their comfort zones. Thanks to digital communication platforms like text messaging, dares have found an exciting new medium – text dares! Creating and sending text dares can be both hilarious and entertaining ways of connecting with friends when in-person interactions are limited; here are some fun dares you should send over text messaging!

The Best Dares for a Guy Over Text:

1. Text Your Crush

Engaging in a classic dare can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, such as challenging a friend to text their crush can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking! Make it more intriguing by setting certain rules such as confessing their feelings or inviting them out on a date!

Example: Tell your crush about your dream last night that featured them.

2. Send a Funny Selfie

Try challenging your friend to send in a selfie featuring an amusing pose or look. This playful challenge could spark lots of laughs and bring lots of amusing responses.

Example: “Please send me a selfie featuring your best duck face.

3. Record Yourself Singing

Give your friend the challenge to record themselves singing a song, then send you an audio clip as proof. Depending on their singing capabilities, this dare could prove both funny and eye-opening!

Example: “Record yourself singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and send it my way.”

4. Post an Embarrassing Status

Challenge your friend to post an embarrassing or amusing status on their social media account and see how their mutual friends react. This challenge could provide great amusement when mutual acquaintances react negatively to it!

Example: As part of your Facebook status update, share that “I still sleep with a teddy bear”.

5. Mimic a Celebrity

Engage your friend in an attempt to mimic a celebrity or character by sending a voice message that mimics them in some way – this dare will no doubt elicit some creative and amusing results!

Example: “Please send me a voice message pretending you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger.

6. Change Contact Names

Challenge your friend to change one contact in their phone to something funny for 24 hours and experience some amusing conversations later on! This should lead to plenty of laughs!

Example: “Make this your mom’s contact name on Thursday – Queen Bee!”

7. Prank Call

Challenge your friend to make a prank call to one of your mutual friends and record it. This classic dare is sure to create laughter over the phone!

Example: “Prank call [mutual friend] and pose as a telemarketer.”

8. Send Random Emojis

Challenge your friend to send five random emojis through their messaging app and watch as their contacts react!

Example: Send an eggplant emoji to five contacts from your contact list.

9. Send A Text In Complete Gibberish

Challenge your friends to send out a text with nothing but gibberish words for someone specific and see how long it takes them to figure out what it means.

Example: “Text your sibling a message composed solely of random letters and symbols.

10. Reveal a Secret

Dare your friend to disclose an embarrassing or funny secret they’ve kept hidden from others in your group, leading to some surprising and entertaining revelations! This dare can yield some memorable outcomes!

Example: “Tell us about an embarrassing experience that’s ever happened to you.

11. Challenge Friends to Send Cheesy Pick-up Lines

Ask one or two of your friends to text an amusing pickup line to someone they know, and share the results with the group.

Example: “To express how special and magical they are to you, send an SMS with this sentence: ‘Are You a Magician? Because whenever I look at You, all other distractions seem to dissipate.”

12. Submit an Uncomfortable Text

Dare your friend to send an awkward text message directly to someone they choose and see what their response is.

Example: “To assess a coworker’s belief in aliens, pose this question: ‘Do you believe in aliens?’ and screenshot their response.”

13. Share Your Childhood Photo

Challenge your friends to send over an adorable and funny childhood photo they own from their past! This dare could result in some incredible and endearing pictures being exchanged.

Example: Submit a photograph from kindergarten.

14. Create a Silly Dance

Give your friend the challenge of recording themselves dancing silly, and sending the video over for review and laughter! This dare is sure to provide hours of fun!

Example: “Come up with a dance routine to your favorite song and send me a video!

15. Wear an Outrageous Outfit

Set yourself the challenge of challenging your friend to put on the most outrageous ensemble they have in their closet and send a picture to show it off! This dare is perfect for fashionistas who enjoy having fun!

Example: “Dress up in an outfit that best embodies mismatch and send me a photo!

16. Commit a Fake Crime

Its Challenge your friend to text someone and commit an imaginary, absurd crime just for fun! See their reaction.

Example: Send a text to your best friend telling them you accidentally stole a traffic cone last night.”

17. Random Compliments

Argue with your friends to send out random compliments whenever anyone messages the – regardless of who it may be! Make the challenge fun: make them pay compliments anonymously!

Example: “Make it truly delightful when someone texts you by sending a thoughtful compliment!”

18. Speak in Song Lyrics

Challenge your friend to respond to all messages only using song lyrics over the next hour – this fun and creative challenge could lead to some truly engaging discussions!

Example: “For the next hour, reply to all texts using only Taylor Swift lyrics.

19. Challenge Your Friend to Text Their Number Neighbor

Dare your friend to text someone whose number differs by one digit from theirs (a “number neighbor”) and initiate conversation!

Example: “Text your number neighbor and ask how their day is progressing.

20. Send a Food Picture

Challenge your friend to take a picture of the strangest or weirdest food combinations they can come up with and send it over!

Example: “Make a sandwich out of whatever ingredients are lurking around in your kitchen and send me a photo!


Dares over text are an ideal way to maintain relationships, bring laughter into everyday conversations, and build lasting memories. The key is keeping dares lighthearted and fun; that way everyone involved enjoys participating in them! So the next time you want to liven up a boring chat session, try some of these dares out and watch how quickly people become engaged!


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