Now that you have garnered enough courage to finally walk up to a woman and  start talking to her, you will find that she is giving you a kind of a look which signals her curiosity in your interest for her or what do you plan on bringing in to your relationship with her. As you go on with the talk, a situation arrives when it becomes more than obvious that she is enjoying talking to you and this is exactly the moment when you need to ask for her phone number.

Asking her phone number implies two statements.

1) You are interested in her and want to spend some more time with her.
2) You are confident and know that she likes you too.

But then how can a guy probably ensure the fact that when he asks for a woman’s phone number, he will actually get the phone number?

Well here we have gathered three essential things that will tell you how to ask for the phone number so that you are certain you will be returned with a positive reply. These tips will give you a good idea of how to ask a woman for her phone number, when to ask a woman for her phone number and all such questions that might be going about in your head.

The first tip that will help you ask the woman for her phone number and successfully get it is to behave like a really helpful individual, personify the Good Samaritan. However, take care not to overdo your act. There is no problem asking the woman if you can help her in any way, however you need to execute this ploy with a certain amount of restraint. In the fortunate or unfortunate scenario where she says a yes, you have got your cue. This is your make or break moment. Grab your chance to lay on the impression that you are nice guy to be around.

Though a woman may display some promiscuity, she will find it hard to hide the gratitude she feels for you. This is where you take advantage and build on from there. This is a technique that can come in handy in any scenario, whether you are trying to approach a woman you have just met or you just want to befriend her. With your help it is obvious that she will start feeling obliged to you. In such circumstances when you ask for her phone number she won’t be able to falter your request.

So be a quick guy and ask for her phone number right after helping the woman out with something. Well it is the notion of reciprocity that works here in an extremely dominant and persuasive kind of a way. Hence, the technique can go a long way in your mission. In case you are lucky this is a method that can help you seduce the woman and even ask her out for a date.

The next tip that will help you in gleaning her phone number is to follow the most perfect timing. For every objective, there several factors are at play, which determine your success or failure. Striking a balance with all these factors and impeccable timing in executing your plan is what creates a winner situation. Seducing a woman or asking for her phone number is no exception. Let us explain. If you ask a woman for her phone number just within minutes of approaching her you will surely make yourself look like an insecure and needy jerk. Whatever chance that you had of winning her over vanishes instantly, just within seconds.

On the other hand, if you keep procrastinating, just to catch on the right moment, your chances will fade away just the same. What is necessary is to strike a balance. If wondering when to ask for the phone number, do it at a time when the woman starts feeling comfortable in your company and starts sharing a good rapport with you. One very important thing you should better know is, irrespective of the fact as to what kind of a relation you share with a woman, she will always find it hard to say a “no” if she has already spent a lot of time with you. So, the idea is to make her invest time in you, spend as much time you can with the woman and in the end you are sure to grab the phone number.

The last technique on our list that can tell you both ‘when to ask’ and ‘how to ask’ a woman for her phone number is a little shady and a more advanced technique. In case you find the walls around the woman too invincible, you need to think of trying out some subtle charisma display. This can prove to be rather effective and help you get the phone number in no time. Bring out the charismatic side of your character in front of her.

Make her feel special and comfortable, crack witty jokes and more than anything make your company special so that she yearns to spend more and more time with you. If possible make her a little jealous. At the end of such a meeting just drop the question, “would you mind if I call you sometime” and soon you will be getting the phone number with a wide and shining smile!


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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  1. I had with woman great conversation. When she was about to leave, I asked for phone. She wrote the number which was fake. So this cold way approach doesn’t work.

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