I’m thrilled to share yet another beautiful marriage proposal story, this time describing Adam Ashenfelter and Aubrie Gail Nelson’s flash mob proposal. Adam has been kind enough to share with us his plans for the proposal, the people he managed to get involved, and how the idea went down in real life.

Adam’s Story

Aubrie was working at the Dallas Arboretum as an event facilitator. Her job was to carry out all the plans of an event. She gets to work and receives a packet with instructions. I got the crazy idea that it would be such an epic surprise to plan a fake event for her to work and it be her own engagement. I told my family my plan, and my younger sister Katie recommended I should get a flash mob. I disregarded the idea because she’s a theater/romantic valley girl. I thought that flash mobs were way too extravagant and only happen on TV, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how perfect it would be.

I want to let this be known though, I have never wanted to “one-up” anyone, especially when it comes to this stuff. I believe that each person and relationship is completely different, thus for changing the dynamics of what is considered perfect. Me and Aubrie are both eccentric, so how I went about this was right up our alley. She didn’t think I could ever surprise her with anything because she can read me too well. On top of that, she has always said that I couldn’t even begin to know what her job is like. I had something to prove!

I contacted Flash Mob America and let them know my idea. To my surprise, they loved it! I began working with them on the planning and gave the groundwork I had already established with Aubrie’s co-workers and managers. I couldn’t of pulled it off without her Event Coordinator, Angela Rollins, though. She did all the “real” planning on how to sell this to Aubrie. I had the vision, but all these other people made it possible. Aubrie believed she was helping set up an event for a floral club meeting. “The president of the arboretum was going to come a speak” is what made it super important. I heard about how important this event was from Aubrie for weeks. She had to look perfect, actually be on time, and really bring her A game. That’s why in the video you see her up front with a microphone, she was holding it waiting for the president (who never showed) to come!

I picked the song “Everything” by Michael Buble, because Aubrie often sings it around the house and I tell her that she is my everything. Flash Mob America took care of the choreographing and DJs, which was amazing. The day before, they called and told me Scott Hoying, from the Pentatonix, was passing through Dallas and heard about the proposal. He wanted to contribute and came and sang the opening to the song. Aubrie was suspicious the whole time because all the flash mobbers didn’t look like typical floral club people. She had no idea it was for her until the middle of the dance. I had her entire family family there, along with my own. Flash Mob America asked me how to finish the dance and for me to actually propose – I had no clue! All I could come up with is what they did in football when we where younger and make a “good game” tunnel to run out of. So, that’s how the goofy tunnel of romance came to be.

I had never been more nervous in my entire live. The families kept asking me if I was okay. I looked pale and had no sense of composure. I wasn’t scared of her answer, I just couldn’t believe the point in life where I was at and how we actually pulled this off. I figured I only get to do this once, and I’d love my children (if I’m fortunate enough) to see how Dad proposed to Mom. If this was going to be the beginning foundation of how we spend the rest of our lives together, then I wanted it to be rock solid. I wanted to show her that she is everything to me and give her that magical moment. There are a lot of “what-if’s” or “wouldn’t that be cool” comments made throughout life, I wanted her to own one of those.


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