If you are a restaurant worker, you have a romantic advantage that many of us would like to have. You have a ready-made opportunity for romance, and it is also a relatively inexpensive date idea. Of course, you do have to have a willing manager who will have to OK your plan, but with a little explanation of what you hope to pull off, and possibly a small tip for those involved, you can get the cooperation of the boss and the other help that you’ll need.

Make a plan
The idea here is that you bring your girlfriend, wife or sweetheart – your date – to the place where you work for a surprise, candlelit dinner for 2. So you’ll need to plan for all the details. The first part of the plan will be how to get her to come along on a blindfold date. You’ll have to build it up so that she doesn’t object to the blindfold, so make sure to be as mysterious as possible.

Naturally, depending on the restaurant, there may be no way to make it a surprise – if she’s been there before, she will probably recognize it by the smells or the sounds or the setting, but that’s OK. You can still call it a romantic blind date and get her to play along.

Make it work
Next you’ll have to arrange the cooperation of your boss and any other accomplices. Don’t expect to be able to keep the entire place open too much after closing time, but that would be the best possible scenario. Ask for an hour that might begin just a bit before closing so that you can maximize your time there. Decide on the table – if there is an outdoor area and the weather is nice, it’s nearly always more romantic than indoors, but you’ll have to work with your limitations.

Make sure to have a good tablecloth and candles, and a centerpiece that’s appropriate for the 2 of you. Make arrangements for some music either over the public system or with a small player near your table. Recruit help from friends at the eatery – hopefully you can talk someone into being your personal waiter or waitress by promising a good tip. You’ll have to decide on the menu and arrange for the food to be prepared after hours as well, so you’ll need to have a similar understanding with the kitchen.

Make a date
Once you have a plan and you know the practical side of it will work, make a date with her. Try to be as romantic as you can by proposing the date in a love letter, or on a card with some flowers delivered to her at work. Tell her it’s a secret and that she’ll have to wear a blindfold just until you are seated for the evening. Be sure that there is a contingency plan in case you have to reschedule – you’ll want to cancel your dinner plan at the restaurant as soon as possible if the nigh you have chosen doesn’t work for her.

Make it happen
On the night of the blind date, pick her up promptly. Have a nice sexy scarf ready to use as a blindfold, and put it on her as soon as you can. If she knows where you work, take a long way there so she doesn’t suspect until the last minute where she might be going. Make your entrance as dramatic and romantic as possible – be sure the music is on before you get there and that the table is ready with candles lit and all settings in place. If you can, get your private waitperson to do the unveiling, and announce the menu. The rest of the night is yours, romantically speaking.

Make it memorable, and a memory
Finally, be sure to make the occasion memorable by making it as romantic as possible, and recording the evening on video. That way the memory will be indelible, and always available for replay. If you have a great, successful romantic evening it will be something you both will want to relive often.


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