What are the Signs He Loves YouMany men do not like to admit that they have fallen in love with you since they see it as a sign of weakness. They however try to communicate this message to their loved ones by sending signs he loves you and is willing to stand with you no matter what. A man who is in love with you will especially pay attention to you. He will respect you as well as your principles. He will protect you with all he have and show much affection towards you by caring a lot about your welfare. He will do this by sending clear signs towards his partner. These sings are to let you know that he is willing to do anything to bring you close to his live.

How To Tell If He Loves You:

1. He Loves Chatting With You

A man in love tends to come close to you by initiating a very healthy talk.This is in order to built a strong relationship with you. This being one of the most signs he loves you,is much important since it helps you to open up towards each other. He is likely to start a humorous chat so that you can be able to feel the affection he has towards you. He will always try to feel free to communicate with you anytime and thus open up about their lives. This is one of the major sign that indicates that he has love for you.

2. He Respects Your Principles And Your Decisions

It is important to realize that a man who is in love with you will always try to value your life decisions and what you stand for. He will try to encourage you to follow your dreams as well as your principles accordingly. This will automatically send the sign of how much he respects you and values you as his special one. He does not offer criticism to the decisions that you have already made. Thus, this point serves to stand as an important sign among many signs he loves you and mean well for your life.

3. Consults you

If you see a man who is always seeking for your advise, know that he values your opinion and loves you completely. This sign shows that he has complete trust in you, and is willing to let you make decisions that are constructive. Thus, he will try to put your advise in their plans so that he can always remember you. He is likely to consult you on important decisions that involves his current projects, and the way to go. This shows that man has a lot of affection towards you and can trust you with his secrets.

4. Opens Up About His Secrets

A man in love will always try to show you that he loves you. This is another one of the many signs he loves you,he will tend to open up on secrets regarding his investments, his future projects regarding his life, what he likes, what he hates and many more of his secrets. This shows that this man is in complete love with you and wants you to know him.

5. Likes Your Companion

If he is in love he will always try to spend as much of his quality time with the one he loves.He feels happy about every thing they do and thus, will include her in all the activities that he may be doing. Thus, he will take her out for dinner,go on an adventurous hike as well as invite her at his home to give him company. This shows that this man has a lot affection towards this particular lady. That is why it stands out among many signs he loves you and care much about you.

6. Buys Expensive And Valuable gifts

A man who is completely in love with you does not fear spending his money with you.He will buy you all the expensive things and even valuable jewelry. This is a sign that he is really committed to make you happy and wants you to realize that. He will try to make you feel that you are his special one and only, and cherishes your friendship. That serves as an important sign of a true affection towards you.

7. Compliments You

Every one deserves a partner who sees good about you and is ready to admit it. If you see a man who is always positive about your achievements and compliments you, giving you ideas on what you can do to even improve your life, then know that this man loves you. He is willing to stand by you no matter whatever the situation and is happy about your life achievements. Though he may not admit about loving you, it clearly stands out amongst many signs he loves you and will do anything to make you appreciate your efforts.

8. Does Not Fear Introducing You To His Parents And His Friends

If you see a man who is ready and willing to introduce you to his friends as well as his parents know that he loves you. He is clearly communicating to you that he is ready to accommodate you in his life and values you.This stands out amongst may signs he loves you and have a lot of affection towards you.

9. If He Tends To Feel A little Jealous If You Associate Yourself With Other Men

Naturally, a man who is in love with you does not like to see other men trying to play with your feelings. He does not like you to see you get hurt and thus, he is likely to protect you in any way. He may tend to feel jealous, if you focus your interest towards other men giving them the first priority. That is why this sign is considered important amongst many signs he loves you and cares about your welfare. He is willing to fight for your happiness and love.

If you are seeking for signs that will clearly show you that a man is in complete love with you and wants the best for you,then look at the above outlined signs. These signs shows that He Loves You and cares about you. He may also be trying to send a message that he wants you to live with him.


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  1. Angie baker Reply

    I’ve met a married man n I’m crazy bout him. We have already said nothing will happen with us. When we r together he hugs me n compliments me. we both have chemistry toward each other. It happened the 1st day we met. No sex will happen. We just enjoy the time we have together. No one will ever happen with us. How do I take how he feels bout me? I feel like he really likes me like I do him.

    • Well I don’t know what must have happened since it’s being two years already. I just want you to think of yourself as his wife. How would you feel if your “husband” enjoys spending time with some lady out there or has chemistry not with you but with her. Bad, right? No matter how right and enjoyable it is…it still isn’t right. Someone’s getting hurt. If he leaves her for you, maybe, then he’ll surely leave you for someone else

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