Every man must sooner or later prepare a romantic surprise for his beautiful or loving girl. At first glance, such a surprise looks easy and unpromising until you consider it original and comparatively easy to realize. In this article, there are several most often encountered romantic surprises that are proven to efficiently melt every woman’s heart.

Make for her a love garden. no woman or girl would not adore flowers. And a garden full of beautiful aromatic flowers is able to fill every single woman’s heart with romantic and lovely feelings. Suppose the girl who you want to surprise has a yard in front of her window. You could surprise her by planting their quick-growing flowers in the form of her name. After which, you could stimulate their growth, and in a good moment, you could focus her attention on them. You could form the grass as a heart. And in the winter you could stamp the snow in the appropriate form or greeting, with which you could show your attention and love to her.

Prepare a breakfast and bring it to the bed. Wake up earlier, go out of the bed silently. After which prepare a slight breakfast and bring it together with coffee and a beautiful aromatic flower in the bed, accompanied by a soft kiss. Just before this you should pull the curtains or the blinds so that good sunny light would enter the room, which would make her gently awake. If you are afraid that you will be too noisy, you could prepare part of the breakfast or the necessary products from the evening. This gesture is one of the top points of showing your respect for the woman. No woman would not value such an event.

Prepare a hot aromatic bathtub for her. Prepare for your loving one a hot bathtub with aromatic oil in it. Fill the room with fragrant candles. Let the stereo play relaxing and romantic music as a background. Invite her to the bathtub and wash her carefully using the entire tenderness you have. If you have the possibility, you could sprinkle the bathtub with rose blossom, which, mixed with the foam, would add additional weight to the romantic atmosphere.

Show her that you trust her. Many girls suffer from the fact that their intimate friends regard them as unwise and foolish. It often happens that they even consider themselves as underestimated, especially in cases when the man in the relationship is a figure of power and is more responsible and a leader in the relations. In this case, there is no more excellent surprise for her than showing her that you trust her and that you regard her as a mature and clever woman. Try sharing with her something precious for her so that she can feel how immense is the trust you have in her. Let her think that you trust her unconditionally and that you are prepared to do everything for her. Let yourself be in her arms for some of your planned going out, let her organize and plan everything. Show her that you respect her choice and that you value her as a person.

Make her a romantic walk. Surprise her on a weekend with an unexpected change of the planned boring day with a romantic walk to an unknown and beautiful place. Select a sunny and relaxing day, prepare yourself for a surprising walk, and at the last moment, take her to the planned by you place. It is good to take her to an outing in the mountains, the park, or to a nearly located and beautiful place in the open. The place should be quiet and relaxing so that she could dive into nature and feel her with her entire glance.

Prepare in advance some food and something soft for drinking. Devote your entire attention to this day and make her feel carefree and free from everyday worries. Please select an appropriate moment and surprise her with the food you have prepared for her.

Give her flowers, but try doing this in a public place and front of her close friends and relatives. The envy of her girlfriends should strengthen the effect of the surprising gift. Try that the bouquet should be as big and colorful as possible. This is a gift that is never out of date. Women always enjoy being surprised with a tender bouquet of aromatic flowers. This gift is so often used that for some holidays, it is considered a mandatory attribute.

Try keeping the flames burning in your relationships, but funnily do this. Try every time when she expects this, at least to keep her reminded about your feelings towards her by using different ways to joke with her during the day. When you are at work, school or just separated for the day or for a more significant period, you could surprise her by sending her funny messages or e-mails with which you could prepare her for your upcoming date. When you have been out together, and you are with friends in a company, you could make her secret funny signs with which you could provoke her love passion. For example, when you are at a party, you should throw lustful looks, blow her secretly and unseen by others a kiss, or just give her a funny note with some compliments or a message for a date after five minutes at a hidden place. These small and, at first glance, very natural jokes could cheer your relationship up and enrich it in a way that you have not expected at all.

Don’t be afraid to tell her “I love you!” If you feel deep inside you that you love her and if you can’t imagine your life without her. Don’t be afraid of telling this to her. There is nothing more impressive than the explanation of love and the recognition of love. Sometimes, this could sound stupid, banal, or committing, but in order to avoid all doubts, you just need to say the simple “I love you”. And remember, life is too short and unpredictable, so we cannot afford to miss these little joys.


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