Do you want to explore the most romantic places in this big, beautiful world with your significant other? Whether you’re interested in discovering the perfect honeymoon getaway, or you’re simply hoping to find a great spot to vacation with your sweetheart, you’ll want to consider visiting the following ultra-romantic destinations:

1. Sardinia, Italy

Do you and your loved one enjoy sunbathing on pristine beaches, or partaking in water sports? Do the two of you enjoy Italian cuisine and wines? Would you be interested in visiting fascinating archeological and historic sites found nowhere else in the world – such as the intriguing nuraghes located all around the island? If so, Sardinia, Italy is a location you’re likely to be interested in checking out.

If you’re an extroverted couple, you’ll want to visit Sardinia in July or August, when the island tends to attract a sophisticated crowd of mostly Italian and European jet setters. If you’re an introverted couple, waiting until September to visit might be preferable; you’ll have more privacy, and there will be far fewer visitors. The tradeoff is that many of the island’s shops and restaurants close for the off season, so you’ll have fewer choices for dining out and shopping.

2. Crete, Greece

Many honeymooners gravitate towards Santorini for its beauty, accidentally overlooking Crete, which is another absolutely enchanting Greek island. Crete offers an abundance of lovely places to see and romantic things to do. It’s one of the best islands for discovering beautiful scenery and lovely beaches. Consider visiting the old towns of Chania and Rethymno, and the village of Agia Galini. If you decide to visit Crete, be sure you don’t skip breakfast, as you’ll definitely want to try the Greek yogurt with local honey and fruit.

3. Maui, Hawaii

Maui has historically been one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations. This romantic island offers you the option to view stunning waterfalls, visit the breathtaking Haleakala Crater, grab a cup of coffee or surf in the blue waters off the coast. If you and your sweetheart would enjoy taking a legendary road trip together, you simply must experience the Road to Hana, a dramatic stretch of coastline on the northeast side of Maui. There are many interesting stops to make along the way, with a couple of the best highlights being Hamoa Beach and Wailua Falls.

Maui is also a top destination for weddings and anniversary parties. If you’re interested in hosting a wedding or other event in Maui or Oahu, check out Accel Rentals for all the luxurious accents you need. Their offerings include canopies, linens, tables and chairs, and more.

4. San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California is one of the world’s most sophisticated cities. It is also one of the most romantic cities on earth. If you and your beloved would enjoy taking long walks on the beach together, or gazing at a lively nighttime view of the Bay Lights installation which illuminates the Bay Bridge, consider traveling to San Francisco. The city offers enticing nightlife, a stimulating arts scene and a variety of chic places to wine and dine. San Francisco is also within a 90-minute drive to Napa and Sonoma valleys, which makes it a fantastic jumping-off point for romantic wine tours with your sweetheart.

5. Santa Maria Island, Portugal

Would you and your beloved enjoy taking a trip to a place where time seems to have stood still for centuries? If you’d like to truly explore the old world, it’s worth considering a visit to Santa Maria Island, Portugal. One of the highlights you’ll want to see in this location includes the observation tower at the São Brás Fort, which overlooks the ocean. This structure dates back to the 17th century.

6. Avalon, California

If you and your sweetheart would enjoy a boating or helicopter adventure, Avalon, California is a lovely destination to consider. This charming island community is located off the California coast on the southeast side of Catalina Island. It’s most easily accessible by ferry or private boat; the island does have an airport and can also be reached by helicopter from the mainland. The thing that makes this destination most appealing is its individuality; many of the island’s restaurants, bars, hotels and shops offer unique experiences that can’t be found anywhere else.

It’s best to visit Avalon during the summer months when the island’s weather conditions are favorable. This is particularly true if you plan to travel to Catalina Island by boat. Avalon isn’t quite as enchanting during the winter months when the harbor and surrounding waters get rocked by gnarly ocean swells.

7. Solvang, California

Some people would insist that Santa Barbara, California deserves a spot on this list of romantic travel destinations for couples. While Santa Barbara does have its attractions, including some fabulous shopping, a high-energy waterfront area, fun beaches and delicious wines, it also has its downsides; one of these is a disproportionately high number of bums who tend to harass visitors to the area, which can wreck the experience. Another is that Santa Barbara has given in to the same big-boxification that much of the rest of the world has, which makes it far less interesting as a travel destination than it ever used to be.

Our advice would be to skip Santa Barbara and instead head to the nearby Santa Ynez valley. There you can sample exquisite wines, browse through charming boutiques and antique shops and experience a broad variety of culinary delights.

Solvang, in particular, is a destination in the Santa Ynez valley worth visiting. It’s a beautiful spot for a romantic tryst with your loved one. Solvang is a picturesque old-world style Danish city offering countless Instagram-worthy photo opportunities. The scenery includes European-inspired architecture, charming windmills, lovely one-of-a-kind boutiques and art galleries filled with creative work. There are multiple exceptional wine tasting rooms right in Solvang; but, venturing out to the nearby communities in the Santa Ynez valley, you could visit more than 100 different wineries all together.

These are not the only romantic travel destinations for couples; just about any interesting city on earth could be an enticing backdrop for romance. However, these are all locations that are particularly noteworthy for offering gorgeous scenery, charming dining options and comfortable accommodations that would be ideal for a honeymoon or romantic getaway.


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