We live in an equal society, although statistics show that it’s still mainly the female in a relationship who does the lion’s share of the cooking. With this in mind, preparing a surprise meal for the special lady in your life would certainly win you brownie points. The key is to be super organized and plan way ahead so that you have a decent period of time to produce something that is both imaginative and mouth watering.

1. Look Out For Prior Engagements That May Disrupt Your Surprise Meal

You may have to do some detective work in order to discover when your girl is free to be wined and dined. If nothing is written on the household calendar you may have to check her cell phone or ask friends and family to ensure that the date that you have in mind is okay.

If there are kids on the scene, this forward planning will enable you to arrange a babysitter or sleepover so that you and your woman will not be disturbed, and will have the opportunity to have a relaxing, stress-free meal.

2. Give the Meal a Theme

This is a great way of letting your lover know that she is special and important to you, although a theme will take a little extra planning. For example you could give the meal an outer space theme. You could have a ‘star’ ter and give the food amusing names like ‘King Prawn Galaxy’, ‘Caramel Cling-On’ and ‘Filet of Space’. These little touches will certainly bring a smile to the face of the one you love. As a Grande Finale you could hand her a certificate telling her that you have named a star after her. These kinds of gestures will melt even the hardest of hearts.

3. Share and Share Alike

This is a fantastic way to bring a sexy spark to a meal. Use finger foods and prepare things which are easily shared such as a fondue or a chocolate fountain. You can then feed one another and relish the closeness that this brings. You could even make your own ‘fishbowl’ cocktail and both drink from it with straws. Meals don’t have to serious and staid to be enjoyable. There should always try and create a fun element.

4. The Wicker Man

If you’re planning your surprise meal during the warmer seasons then this gives you the ideal excuse to buy a wicker basket and pack up a picnic. You could perhaps arrange to go to the movies or to the mall, but on the way you can pull over near a beauty spot and surprise her with a delicious selection of picnic delights. A mouth watering French baguette and some butter with some cold cuts or prawns will make her happy, and you could follow this with some fresh strawberries and kiwi fruit and a cold glass of something sparkling to finish off. Perhaps you could arrange this al fresco meal at a place that you know she likes.

5. Book Somewhere Special

If there’s a restaurant that she’s always wanted to try but you’ve never got around to booking, then you could arrange this but keep it a secret. Tell her you are going to your usual haunt and then watch her look perplexed as the taxi cab drives in a completely different direction. Sometimes you don’t have to prepare the food yourself, a gesture like this will suffice, and your lady will be forever in your debt.

6. Create the Right Ambiance

If you have decided on a surprise meal at home then it’s essential to add all of the required touches. Dim the lights, light some candles and play some soft background music. Be sure to choose dishes which are your ladies favorites and avoid anything she may be allergic to because you don’t want to be visiting the emergency room at the end of the evening. You could even draw you lady a bath and sprinkle some scented rose petals into the water so that she can relax while you are working up a sweat in the kitchen.

A surprise meal doesn’t have to break the bank; you could even whip up an elaborate breakfast in bed for your woman, especially if she has been over tired lately. She will really appreciate the pampering and the thought. Alternatively, you could fire the barbecue up so that she can eat the moment she steps in from work. She will get a great surprise when she notices the delicious aromas coming from the back yard. It’s the thought that counts and the fact that you are making any kind of effort will not go unnoticed.


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