People say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but for long-distance couples, separation can be unbearable at times. Long-distance relationships (LDRs) are more common than ever, thanks to more affordable and reliable travel, and tech gadgets have kept up with these changes fairly well. There are now a plethora of options (that cover different relationship needs) that are available.

This is great news for LDR couples, where “normal” communication methods might not cut it – i.e. texting. Meaning can get lost in translation when texting because most men and women have different texting behaviors (did you know women use emojis almost twice as much as men?) So check out these six tech tools that will allow your relationship to go beyond basic texts and calls – from watching a movie together, getting a live video snapshot of their day, or even feeling their presence from afar with a special bracelet!

1. Dreamdays

Create beautiful, personalized countdowns with this top-rated iOS app. Sometimes having something to look forward to is enough to keep you excited about your long-distance relationship. Whether you’re counting down the days until next time you’ll see each other, an anniversary, or a vacation, you’ll be reminded daily with this app.

Dreamdays allows you to set multiple events, syncs with your calendar, and even connects to your phone’s wallpaper and lock screen for easy viewing.

For Android users, the Countdown Widget is also a great option.

2. We-Vibe

We-Vibe sells a line of couple’s massagers that partners can control via smartphone app. Missing physical intimacy is one of the most difficult aspects of a long-distance relationship, so if you’re looking for ways to connect physically while your sweetheart is away, these gadgets allow you and your partner to maintain that aspect of your relationship regardless of distance.


You’ll also want to nurture emotional intimacy in your relationship. A simple way to connect emotionally with your loved one is by watching movies together. When you’re away from your significant other, allows you to stream your favorite videos simultaneously while watching each other’s reactions.

If you like to talk during movies, you can also chat as the video plays in the background. Just make sure you have a strong wifi connection with high internet speeds, because streaming both a movie and having a live chat can take a serious toll on your streaming bandwidth.

4. Couple App

Couple is a messaging app designed for you and your significant other. Whether you want to send video updates or share your location, Couple keeps you synced up with your partner throughout the day.

This app also has a unique thumb kiss feature that simulates touch between you and your significant other when you place your thumbs on your respective phone screens at the same time. It may seem silly, but knowing your favorite person is there and being able to feel their presence in real-time can make a big impact while you’re apart.

5. HEY Bracelet

The Hey bracelet is another item that uses kinesthetic technology to allow you to feel your partner’s presence when they are away. Rather than simply buzzing or vibrating like most other haptic devices, the Hey bracelet mimics human touch with a gentle squeeze as the arm band contracts.

Hey bracelets are sold in sets of two, so you and your significant other can share this unique connection any time of day.

6. Front Row

Become a part of your partner’s day-to-day life with Front Row, a wearable streaming camera. Drop in on your significant other during their morning jog, their commute to work, or even at a rock concert. High-quality imagery helps you feel like you’re spending time together even when you’re apart.

Technology provides many fun and effective ways to stay close to your partner in a long-distance relationship. Try any of these gadgets with your loved one, or recommend some tried-and-true devices in the comments below.


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