What impresses your longtime partner most in bed? Unfortunately, that can be a tough nut to crack for most men. For starters, men aren’t born with the innate talent for great sex right from the beginning of their sexual lives. To make matters worse, they have a tendency to be lazy in bed and are mostly not interested in the theatrics of foreplay. On the other hand, most women in good marriages are the kind of wives that either wait for the man to sweep her off her feet or wait for him to do just the right thing so she’s not disappointed.

Think back to the earlier days of your relationship when you were both sexually intimate with each other. It certainly didn’t turn the world upside down, right? Well, that is perfectly normal. In case you happen to be wondering how to please your partner in bed, you should first know that great sex is something you can learn. Here are 8 secrets that will make satisfying your partner look easy.

#1 Great Sex Starts with Good Communication
You cannot read your partner’s mind, so the first step to satisfying your partner in bed is to maintain constant open communication. Sharing what you don’t like and what you want is crucial information for your partner to have so they can know what you need to take you to cloud nine of good sex. But that doesn’t mean you wait until you’re both in bed to express your desires. You could talk about sex with your partner over an intimate dinner or over cocktails as part of foreplay. You’ll be surprised at how it can be a real turn-on, even if you don’t manage to put everything you talked about in practice.

Don’t be shy about telling your partner what feels good with actual words instead of mere appreciative moans. “Oh yes, don’t stop doing that,” or “I like it when you do that,” can be very helpful when it comes to communicating to your partner just what you need to enjoy sex. If they are doing something you don’t like, let him know verbally rather than simply brushing their hand every time. Tell your partner where to focus more and where to stop when having sex.

Both women and men find it very exciting when their partners verbally tell them they are close to having an orgasm. Simply telling them when you’re about to come can be very helpful for your partner to hear because sometimes they are not as tuned into the orgasm as they might be (especially when it comes to the female orgasm). Men would love to know when this is happening since it arouses them greatly.

#2 Try Changing Positions
Did you know that simply changing positions when having sex helps to bring different stimulation? Yes! Some positions will make you feel tighter, which is excellent for the man. In other positions, he will be able to go deeper, while in others, he will feel your other parts more efficiently, which he will definitely really like. In case you have to be in a particular position to reach your climax and you like it that way, it’s okay. But try starting in a different position first, and then you can switch to your preferred position later. You can also have some real fun by reading a non-X-rated book on various sex positions. It can be pretty hilarious, and as you both have fun reading it, you get to communicate.

#3 Try It With The Lights On
Most people are often worried about what their partner thinks about their bodies. It could be your post-breast-feeding boobs, a pot belly you developed after you stopped going to the gym, or your C-section scar. You’re probably worried that your partner stopped being attracted to you, especially when naked because your body looks a little different than what it did before you got married. But your partner will rarely notice those self-perceived flaws. Your partner will only become more aware of them if you are too preoccupied with them or go to great lengths to cover them up. Although people can be very visual, it’s all really about wanting to actually see their partner move, especially without any clothes on. People are validated by how happy they can make their partner when having sex, and that’s what they are fixated on – not how much their partner may have changed.

#4 Try Some Sex Toys
Sometimes, the best way to enjoy sex with your partner is to try something different where you don’t only use your body parts. Try some sex toys for a change, like a dildo, especially if the equipment in your pants is not the right size to satisfy her. Your partner may enjoy a dildo as part of foreplay before you have sex. Instead of letting her insert the dildo herself, why not use it on her while you touch her where she likes and the way she likes it? You’ll be surprised at how much she might enjoy it. Of course, some women may find this unconventional, even if you have a small dick. In case you have a small dick and your wife doesn’t like the idea of a dildo, you may consider getting penis enlargement surgery. At least when you have a bigger dick, she will have a better, if not the same, feeling than a dildo. You can find penis enlargement costs in UK here.

#5 Get Freaky in Other Places Besides the Bed
Both men and women often fantasize about having sex in different places. Although routine sex definitely has its place, your partner may sometimes want to try something different, which is a good thing for you, too. Surprise your partner one day by throwing a cushy rug right in front of the fireplace and get wild right there. Or you can try having sex in different rooms in the house. Most people have always fantasized about having sex on the kitchen counter or the bathroom. But only do it when you have the whole house to yourselves so you don’t have any fear of the kids stumbling on you getting frisky.

#6 Touch Yourself
Some men and women might find this a little embarrassing, but listen. Watching your woman confidently and fully connecting with her sexuality is an incredible turn-on for men. It’s like giving your man a private peep show while being able to see the joy on your face and gaining a deeper understanding of precisely how you love to be touched is both a valuable lesson and a huge turn-on.

Good sex is not something that should stress you. It only takes the two of you to be in the moment, stop the monotony with a few surprises here and there, and think outside the box, particularly the bed. You don’t have to visit a marriage counsellor to sort out your sex life issues with your partner. And you definitely don’t have to cheat on your partner to enjoy sex. If you really want to satisfy your woman or man in bed sexually, you can start off gradually with these simple, inexpensive tips and see the difference in a matter of days.

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How Can You Improve Intimacy in A Relationship?

Creating an extraordinary sexual experience for your partner involves more than just physical connection. It’s about understanding their desires, building trust, and enhancing intimacy. Here are six secrets that can make sex feel incredible for your partner.

1. Communication is Key

Open and honest communication is the foundation of great sex. Talk to your partner about their likes, dislikes, and fantasies. Asking questions and actively listening can help you understand their needs and desires. This openness fosters a deeper connection and ensures both partners feel comfortable and valued.

2. Focus on Foreplay

Foreplay is essential for arousal and enhancing the sexual experience. Take your time exploring your partner’s body through kissing, touching, and oral stimulation. Paying attention to their reactions can guide you in discovering what feels best for them. Prolonged foreplay not only heightens pleasure but also builds anticipation, making the main event even more satisfying.

3. Create a Comfortable Environment

Setting the mood can significantly impact the sexual experience. Ensure the environment is comfortable and free from distractions. Soft lighting, calming music, and a clean, inviting space can make your partner feel relaxed and focused on the moment. A comfortable setting helps reduce stress and enhances intimacy.

4. Be Present and Attentive

Being present during sex means focusing on your partner and the shared experience. Pay attention to their body language, sounds, and movements. Responding to these cues can help you adjust your actions to maximize their pleasure. Show your attentiveness through gentle touches, eye contact, and verbal affirmations.

5. Experiment with Different Techniques

Variety can spice up your sex life and make it more exciting. Don’t be afraid to try new positions, techniques, or even toys. Discuss and explore different fantasies and preferences together. Experimenting can lead to discovering new ways to pleasure each other and keep the sexual experience fresh and exhilarating.

6. Build Emotional Intimacy

Emotional connection greatly enhances physical pleasure. Spend quality time together outside the bedroom, showing affection and appreciation. Building trust and emotional closeness creates a deeper bond, making sex more meaningful and enjoyable. When both partners feel emotionally secure, they are more likely to open up and fully engage in the experience.

By incorporating these secrets into your sexual relationship, you can create an environment where both you and your partner feel valued, understood, and intensely satisfied.


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