If you really want to make a girl you like smile, you will find that a simple pick up line can go a long way. There are lots of bad and ineffective pickup lines out there, which is why it’s so crucial that you learn the ones that actually work. In this article you will learn about some of the best lines to use on a girl that you want to win over. Whether you are already in a relationship or have your eye on someone, these pick up lines can help you a lot.

Best Pick Up Lines For Guys:

  1. At first I thought I went to heaven, but then I realized heaven was just brought to me.
  2. Do you have Wi-Fi? Because I am really feeling a connection right now.
  3. My life would be like a broken pencil without you, completely pointless.
  4. You are so gorgeous I can’t even remember the pickup line I was going to use.
  5. Do you have a hot or are you really just this hot? I honestly can’t tell!
  6. I wish I was drunk right now so I could see two of you.
  7. I think I know you from somewhere. Aren’t you my next girlfriend?
  8. You have to know magic, because every time I see you everything else just disappears.
  9. It sure looks like you are suffering from a vitamin ME deficiency. Can I help?
  10. Can I bother you for a map? Because I just got lost in your eyes.
  11. So I did my best not to fall for you, but I just failed miserably.
  12. I believe you owe me a drink. I dropped mine as soon as I saw your beautiful face.
  13. Where is your signature? Every great piece of art has one.
  14. It’s no wonder the sky is so gray today. All of the blue is trapped inside your gorgeous eyes.
  15. If you were a booger, I’d definitely pick you first.
  16. You must be fast food, because I am lovin’ it.
  17. Looks like I am in range of your hotspot. How about you give me access?
  18. Guess what I am wearing? It’s the smile you just gave me.
  19. Would it be okay if I borrowed a kiss? I promise I’ll give it right back.
  20. You have to be a snowflake, because I have totally fallen for you.
  21. If you are a fruit, you would be a FINEapple.
  22. I might never go down in history, but I’d definitely go down on you.
  23. Your eyes are like the ocean, and I am completely lost at sea.
  24. Can somebody call the cops? Because it has to be illegal to be this hot.
  25. Did you have cereal for breakfast today? Cause’ you look magically delicious.
  26. Do you have a mirror in your pants? Because I definitely see myself in them.
  27. Would you put your arm around mine so I can tell everyone I’ve been touched by an angel?
  28. You’re so hot you should be in a documentary about global warming.
  29. I can’t tell if the sun came up or you just smiled at me.
  30. Was there just an earthquake, or did you rock my world?
  31. Hi there, my friends think you are cute. I, however, think are incredibly gorgeous.
  32. If looks could kill, you would be a weapon of mass destruction.
  33. So what is your name? Or is it okay if I just call you mine?
  34. I must be on a treasure hunt, because I am definitely digging your chest.
  35. Do you believe in love at first sight? If not, I can always walk in again.
  36. If I had my own garden, I would put your lips and my two lips together.
  37. If I had a nickel for every time I saw a girl as beautiful as you, I’d have exactly five cents.
  38. So where are all the other angels? Back in heaven I presume?
  39. Was your dad in the Air Force? Because you are one hell of a bombshell.
  40. Are you a mechanic by any chance? Because you have one finely tuned body.
  41. Would you mind if I took a picture of you? I just want to show my friends what my new girlfriend looks like.
  42. Your lips look so lonely. Do you want mine to keep them company?
  43. Do you work for the post office? Because I know you were just checking out my package.
  44. What is your shirt made of? Cause’ it looks like boyfriend material to me.
  45. Are you a fan of bacon? Do you wanna strip?
  46. If beauty were time, you would definitely be enternity.
  47. Girl, you are the entire reason that Santa has a naughty list.
  48. If life is a deck of cards, you’ve got to be the queen of hearts.
  49. Is the airport anywhere near here? Because my heart just took off.
  50. You are so sweet you just gave me a toothache.
  51. I just lost my number. Can I borrow yours?
  52. I think I forgot how to kiss, would you mind reminding me?
  53. Don’t say that you’ll see me tomorrow, because you are going to be in my dreams tonight.
  54. I don’t want to be your first love, I just want to be your last.
  55. Even silence is amazingly beautiful when you are near me.
  56. You must be an airplane, because you are flying through my daydreams.
  57. What is your favorite breakfast food? I just want to know what I should make you tomorrow morning.


Using the right pick up lines can win over nearly any girl right from the start. First impressions are important, and busting out one of these lines can work well. Some people think that pick up lines are useless, but when used properly they can be very powerful.


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